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For those of you looking for the best smart lock for your Siri-controlled home, feast your eyes on the Kwikset Premis Lock. By itself it’ll keep your door secure with unique user codes. But pair it with the Kwikset app or Apple Home app and you’ll gain access to a host of new features. If you’re worried about the humidity in your home, you should also read our Raincloud C-15 (drink the atmosphere’s humidity, literally) review.

Why We Like It – Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock

With better security and additional features, the Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock provides the perfect opportunity to upgrade from a Kwikset 909 SmartCode. Compare this with the Swann MP3 doorbell SWADS-DOORCH review if you want to personalize your doorbell’s sound. If you try to stay up do date on the latest tech, you should also take a look at how the Google Home mini-mod adds a line out for speakers.

  • Lock and unlock from anywhere
  • Siri keeps a lock history
  • Keyhole available as backup
  • Limited to only Apple products


The Kwikset Premis Smart Lock works very simple by itself, not unlike other smart locks. Create a user code and only that code will unlock your door. Its true power comes from linking it with the Kwikset Premis app—an iOS-only application. You’ll be able to unlock, lock, and monitor your smart home lock remotely. Even 4th generation (and newer) Apple TVs can do is, so long as it’s within Bluetooth range.

Furthermore, the lock is susceptible to voice commands, specifically Siri voice commands. You won’t be use Google Assistant with the Kwikset Premis; Apple-only. For something less restrictive, the August Smart Lock Pro supports several devices—including Apple HomeKit.


The Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock isn’t that far off in design compared to its cousin, the Kwikset 909. Its dimensions are much taller, coming in at 10.00 x 4.00 x 3.50 inches. It only comes in two finishes: venetian bronze and satin nickel.

Rather than use physical buttons, the Premis uses a touchscreen. To circumvent code detection from your fingerprints, the touchscreen uses SecureScreen technology. Should you forget your code and or phone, there’s a backup keyhole for a physical key. And if you’re an apartment dweller who can’t get enough home-grown food, take a look at our review of how the Volksgarden Rotating Garden lets you grow anything at home.


Given the Kwikset Premis’ performance, excellent battery life, and additional features, we can easily consider this device as having good value—that is, if you align with the Apple HomeKit. Being only compatible with iOS, it holds it back from having great value rather than “good” value.

Still, if you’re in a position where that isn’t a problem, the Kwikset Premis Door Lock is going to work beautifully for you. Otherwise, consider using Yale Assure Lock SL or a Schlage Sense for a wider range of compatibility.

Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock Wrap Up

The Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock is a magnificent companion to your Apple HomeKit—especially with one of two companion apps. Through remote access, you can lock or unlock it, just in case you forget or need to let someone in. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to keep a history of when the door was opened. And if you forget your code, don’t worry! There’s a keyhole for a physical key.

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