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Do you live in a small home, and need a vacuum to handle the day’s collection of debris? Then it sounds like you need a powerful vacuum with a thin profile. And the best vacuum cleaner that fits the description is the Hoover Linx BH50010. Since it’s a “stick” vacuum, it has thin dimensions. And its battery-powered insides remove all mention of cables.

Why We Like It – Hoover Linx Review

Cordless and battery-powered, the Hoover Linx provides great suction power within a thin and lightweight vacuum, making it ideal for elderly people and small homes.

  • Good suction power for price
  • Very lightweight; thin profile
  • Easy-to-read battery indicator
  • Small cleaning path
  • Poor run time


The Hoover Linx did well with handling the day’s collection of dust and dirt. This is due to its WindTunnel technology, which sucks in debris by creating a channel of suction. And with its powerful brush roll, it transfers that power to hard flooring and pile carpets, even pet hair.

We did have a few concerns. For starters, its battery life isn’t great; you get 15 minutes. Additional batteries can be bought, however. And its cleaning path is rather thin. For someone with a large home, battery life and cleaning path might be a concern. But for smaller homes, this wasn’t much of an issue. If performance is a concern, the Eureka PowerSpeed Lite might be more your type, at the cost of having a corded vacuum.


The Hoover Linx BH50010 is one of the most lightweight vacuum cleaners on our list, coming in at only 10 lbs! That’s nearly half of what the Bissell Cleanview is, with its nearly 18 lbs frame. For the elderly, a lightweight vacuum is a godsend. With stick vacuums, they’re made incredibly thin, making it easy to store—especially in small homes. At the front, you’ll notice a battery gauge, which lets you know how much battery power is left. The dust bin underneath carries 0.18 gallons, which is pretty good for such a small vacuum.


The Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum is a great vacuum for the right situation. We can easily see the Hoover Linx being most adept at cleaning smaller homes, but not so much gigantic, sprawling castles. Its narrow cleaning path and so-so battery life prevents that. But for an RV, mobile home, or small cottage? Absolutely! Its size hardly takes up any real estate. With its performance and design considered, we can say the Hoover Linx has great value. If size isn’t a concern, we’d recommend the Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner.

Hoover Linx Review Wrap Up

The Hoover Linx’s short battery and small cleaning path can be largely ignored if your home is relatively small. Additional batteries are pretty cheap. In return you get an incredibly lightweight and compact vacuum, one that’s right at home in a small place. Its suction power can be felt on both hard and carpeted flooring, for a really good price.

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