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The Handyvac Handheld Computer Vacuum rightly earned its spot on our best computer vacuum list, due largely in part by its versatility for such a mini vacuum. Its ability to tidy up multiple surface materials makes it the ideal companion for detailing electronics and small objects that large, powerful upright vacuums would otherwise be too much for.

Why We Like It – Handyvac Handheld Computer Vacuum

Whether you’re vacuuming up pet hair or cleaning dust, the Handyvac Handheld Computer Vacuum does more than tidy up desks, packing enough suction power to even clean cars and pet beds.

  • Can last for nearly an hour
  • Two outlets for dispersing heat
  • Budget option for cleaning electronics
  • Loud during operation
  • A bit cheaply built


Channeled through the Handyvac Mini USB Handheld Vacuums is 5 watts of power. That means these mini handheld vacuum cleaners get a current rating of 750mA. Combine that power with the crevice tool brush nozzle and you’ll easily lift layers of dirt and dust. It has a nifty way of dispersing heat through a dual-vent system. The Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA DataVac Pro packs a meaner punch, though.

Speed & Efficiency

Since the Handyvac Handheld Computer Vacuum is a small, cordless mini portable vacuum, it isn’t exactly the most speedy of hand vacuums. Its nozzle is small, yes, but you aren’t vacuuming your home. Use it as a car vacuum, computer vacuum cleaner, or keyboard vacuum, and you’ll see that its efficiency and speed are easily recognized there.

Capacity & Maintenance

Another instance where this cordless vacuum cleaner appears lesser, because it doesn’t hold that much. On the surface that may seem like a negative aspect, but when you consider its purpose it becomes clear. The lithium battery only lasts for up to 50 minutes, like the Ehoyal 2-in-1 Computer Vacuum.


The Handyvac Handheld Computer Vacuum is incredibly lightweight, only 0.43 lbs. To make this usb vacuum handheld cordless automatic lightweight, ABS plastic was used in its construction. Unfortunately, that also means quality build quality dips. It won’t be a problem if you aren’t prone to dropping objects.


Considering the power inside this tiny stick vacuum cordless USB vacuum handheld cordless automotive lightweight Handyvac and its incredibly low price, if you need a quick way of keeping dust out of crevices in your keyboard, car, or pet beds, then by all means grab one of these. They’re only $14! If you want serious power, go with a Metro Vacuum ED500P DataVac.

Handyvac Handheld Computer Vacuum Wrap Up

The Handyvac Handheld Computer Vacuum becomes one of the best computer vacuums if you need something cheap and simple. They aren’t the “best vacuum” in the world, but it will more than serve its purpose in the short run. It lasts for nearly an hour, which is plenty of time to clean your car or computer, and it keeps itself cool through two vents.

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