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Why You Should Service Your Vacuum

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Updated July 28, 2022

The question of why you should service your vacuum is easily answered. For one, you can significantly increase its longevity. All material products and appliances experience wear and tear over time. You’ll also enjoy better performance in the long run. High-performing vacuum cleaners can also benefit from servicing and regular maintenance. Anybody who has a top-rated vacuum cleaner can greatly benefit from performing routine maintenance.


  • Doing routine maintenance on your vacuum cleaner can help save you a lot of money on costly repairs in the future. 
  • When choosing where to service your vacuum, make sure that you look heavily into both your warranty and specific brand recommendations.
  • Choosing a vacuum repair center outside of the original brand might result in you voiding any type of quality guarantee or warranty you have on your vacuum cleaner.

Why You Should Service Your Vacuum

Understanding why you should service your vacuum begins with getting acquainted with the benefits, like getting increased suction power. Following a preventative maintenance program can mean getting more years out of your vacuum. Household vacuums can be a considerable investment. Some might cost well into four figures. If there’s a problem, make sure to get it looked at as quickly as possible. Along with servicing your vacuum, you can increase its longevity when you store your vacuum cleaner in the right place. Proper storage will minimize the risk of damage.

Moreover, if you’ve modified your vacuum, say for instance you’ve built a leaf vacuum, you’ll need to regularly maintain it. Or, you can count on it breaking down much sooner than you’d like. 

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Anybody who has a vacuum cleaner can greatly benefit from performing routine maintenance.

The Benefits of Routine Maintenance

There is a multitude of reasons why you should always follow regular maintenance procedures. Each one is designed to extend your vacuum cleaner’s lifetime and keep you safe while using it. For example, regular servicing can prevent frequent repairs to your vacuum motor. Different electrical problems can lead to sparks flying, for example. Broken vacuums can present a huge hazard.

How to Find Vacuum Servicing

Finding exemplary vacuum cleaner service is the best way to stave off deterioration over time. When looking into comprehensive vacuum cleaner services, always keep your warranty in mind. It might dictate where you can get your vacuum cleaner serviced. For example, some of these warranties require you to send the vacuum cleaner to them directly. Others will have centers and technicians that are pre-approved in their warranty stipulations.

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Finding exemplary vacuum cleaner service is the best way to stave off deterioration over time.

Types of Vacuum Services

So, how do you know what’s wrong with your vacuum? After all, you’re sending it into a vacuum repair center for a reason. There are several different reasons you might need to have it looked at by a professional. Here are just a few of them:

  • A potentially broken drive belt
  • Visible dust coming from the exhaust
  • Any kind of damage to housing


How long should you expect a vacuum cleaner to last?

There is a broad range to be expected. Vacuum cleaner lifespan will change from brand to model to type of vacuum cleaner. Typically, you’ll be looking at around 5-8 years.

Is it time to replace your vacuum?

A few indicators will tell you when it’s time to move on to a more current vacuum cleaner. Here are a few of them:

  • Loss of suction power
  • Dusty airflow from the exhaust
  • Inability to turn on

What are vacuum trucking services?

Vacuum trucking services are generally used for large projects, like DIY home renovations or professional companies. These trucks use the power of hydraulics to suck up both wet and dry material that might be too much for a standard shop vac.

Can You Vacuum Ash From a Fireplace?

Fireplace maintenance is crucial to ensuring safe, continued operation. There are special ash vacuums that are made to handle ash dust.

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