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Stick Vacuums may earn a distinction for being portable but not very powerful due to their lightweight design, but this doesn’t hold true for the Dyson V7. It’s as powerful as any other Dyson vacuum and blows other stick vacuums out of the water. Check out our best Dyson Vacuum list to learn more about Dyson Vacuums!

Why We Like It – Dyson V7

When it comes to cord free vacuums you can never go wrong by choosing a Dyson. Their technological advancements have dictated industry standards for about 15 years now, and the V7 is no different. Featuring powerful suction, ergonomic design, and a variety of add-ons, the V7 is as good a vacuum as Dyson can make.

  • Improved cleaning head
  • Works Great for small to medium sized homes
  • Powerful suction mode
  • Horrible run time
  • Fuschia colour can be off-putting to some
  • Need to pay extra for some nifty add-ons


The battery life on the Dyson V7 comes in at a little more than 30 minutes but drops to 5 minutes in high power mode. The cord free vacuum comes with an improved cleaner head and the V7 Absolute and Fluffy models come with a soft roller which is great for cleaning hard floors. The Dyson V7 Motorhead doesn’t come with these attachments, but it still has powerful suction, so don’t worry. At max suction, it’s powerful enough to lift a carpet. If you need something extra powerful for pet hair, we would recommend the Dyson DC65 Animal.


The V7 cordless stick vacuum has a larger dust bin which was one of the things holding the V6 back, but is still smaller than the Dyson V8. The Dyson cordless is a great vacuum for small to medium-sized homes owing to its light weight and ergonomic design. If you’re looking for more of a handheld vacuum, though, try the Dyson V6 Trigger. On a final design note, the V7 Motorhead vacuum cleaner comes in a striking fuschia colour which doesn’t really bother me (colours aren’t really my thing), but could be a sticking point for others.


The V7 cordless vacuum includes a variety of nifty add-ons like a crevice tool, direct drive head, soft dusting brush, and HEPA filter (on most, but not all, models). The Dyson Stick V7 also comes with a mini motorized tool, but it’s sold separately, as is the wall mount, unfortunately. The V7 retails for $295.00 on Amazon, which is a pretty fantastic price for Dyson Vacuum Cleaners. If you want something cheaper and don’t mind going back a model, the Dyson V6 Motorhead should be more than okay for whatever you need it for.

Dyson V7 Wrap Up

Cordless vacuums have become industry-standard now thanks to Dyson, and a big reason for that is the Dyson V7. Sure, they really need to work on the battery life, and having a few more colour options wouldn’t hurt either. But you can’t deny that the V7 is a quality vacuum that will get your floors and your walls clean without missing a single speck of dust.

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