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Dealswin Keyboard Cleaner Mini Vacuum Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
86 Expert Rating

For the best computer vacuum on a budget, we turn to the Dealswin Keyboard Cleaner Mini Vacuum for questioning. Does it provide enough power to adequately clean keyboards and detail cars in an efficient manner? Yes, it does. Is it affordable? Certainly. And is it easy to use? You bet!

Why We Like It – Dealswin Keyboard Cleaner Mini Vacuum

Small, easy to wield, and affordable, the Dealswin Keyboard Cleaner Mini Vacuum is by far one of the quickest ways to clean keyboards (and electronics) and detail the inside of your car.

  • Battery life rated for nearly an hour
  • Dual-venting for better heat dispersion
  • Handheld and easy to wield
  • Loud during operation
  • Long charging time


The Dealswin Cleaner Cordless Portable Vacuum doesn’t have a lot of volts running through it, only 5. Since this is a cordless rechargeable computer cleaner electric handheld vacuum cleaner, it doesn’t need to be. It’s still producing 750mA, more than enough for desk vacuum cleaners, like the Ehoyal 2-in-1 Computer Vacuum. It will always leave you with a cleaner keyboard or car. The Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA DataVac Pro is ideal for those looking for a more powerful mini vacuum cleaner cordless portable unit.

A portable vacuum isn’t worth it unless it has power, which you can learn more about in our Bissell 3624 SpotClean professional portable review.

Speed & Efficiency

Similar to the Fuller brush mini maid vacuum, this dust cleaner best serves as a cordless portable vacuum cleaner tool for laptop piano, the inside of your car, sucking up dirt or cigarette ash, and similar debris. Its goal is for cleaning dust hairs crumbs scraps, which are small, easily sucked up objects. In other words: it’s most efficient at detailing your car or keyboard, and cleaning hard-to-reach crevices with different nozzles, which is just like the Handyvac handheld computer vacuum. The Dealswin cordless handheld cordless vacuum cleaner suffers from a so-so battery, lasting only an hour if used in small bursts.

Capacity & Maintenance

Since the Dealswin Handheld Vacuum Blower Cleaner is small with its cordless design, it doesn’t hold a lot of debris; you’ll often have to run back and forth to empty it. That might have you eyeing the computer keyboard cordless vacuum cleaner mini with contempt, but remember: its purpose is to clean and detail hard-to-reach areas, like keyboards and crevices of your car.


This portable car vacuum may do just fine with suction power, but durability isn’t its strong point. The keyboard vacuum cleaner is made of ABS plastic, which is lightweight, yes—but it’s a very cheap material and of lower quality. If you don’t have butterfingers, this hand vacuum will still last several years to come.


Considering the Meco Keyboard Cleaner Powerful Rechargeable Mini Vacuum Cleaner is slightly more expensive, and is basically the same as the Dealswin Keyboard Cleaner Rechargeable Mini, we’d recommend you save yourself a bit of cash with the lower-priced option. But that isn’t the case when mini-computer vacuums; if you want something powerful, drop $81 on the Metro Vacuum ED500P DataVac.

Dealswin Keyboard Cleaner Mini Vacuum Wrap Up

The Dealswin Keyboard Cleaner Mini Vacuum has a few hiccups, like a so-so battery and loud operation. But when you just need to quickly clean your car or keyboard, for a very low price, we can’t see why you’d need anything else. It’s small, easy to wield, and keeps itself cool through venting.

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