Whenever thinking about how to find the best TV brand, I’m always reminded of Homer Simpson’s trip to the outlet mall to find a new television. There as salesman introduces him to “high quality brands” such as Sorny and Panaphornics. Unfortunately, in the real world the lesser brands of televisions won’t be labeled with such obvious knock-off names, which makes the process of avoiding picking a lemon and ending up with a good television brand a little more challenging. Even so, in this day and age a quality smart tv is now at the top of the list of essential consumer electronics.  But you can buy the best smart TV and still get a deal. This list will help you find the best in LED TV’s, without being overwhelmed by the TV market. Additionally, our guide to the best TVs will make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Best TV Brands
Discover the top TV brands before you buy.

The best TVs all share the same attributes that you want to look for and we can help. Any solid television is going to come from a manufacturer who offers strong image quality and reliability throughout its line of units. You’re going to want to seek out cutting edge technologies, plenty of choices in screen size, and reasonable prices to answer the question of: What is the best TV brand on the market?

#1 Pick  LG

LG sets itself apart from other television brands by offering cutting edge OLED display technology.

While LG continues to offer LED-LCD display technologies in its televisions, it has become the first brand name to put full effort into OLED technology too. While there are still some question marks regarding OLED’s longevity, this type of display technology is receiving strong reviews as the best option for image quality in large screen televisions, offering deeper blacks than LED-LCD units. And OLED doesn’t have refresh rate concerns, which may cause motion blur problems, as can occur with LCD TVs.

You will have to pay a bit more for LG televisions, especially for OLED units, but the brand ranks well in terms of reliability and image quality. One area where LG televisions tend to outperform the competition is in terms of viewing angle of its OLED TVs, which is important if you’re placing the television in a room where seating may be on the sides of the unit. Some LG TVs do struggle with sound quality when using the built-in speakers, so you’ll want to make sure to consider purchasing a sound bar or speaker system. The best TV accessories can improve your viewing experience, so they are usually a good investment.

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LG has a versatile lineup of screen sizes and display technology options. You’ll have a lot of 4K resolution options from LG, or you can stick with full HD resolution and save a bit of money with this manufacturer’s offerings. Plus, all LG Super UHD TV’s boast Dolby Vision, for a gurenteed great video. All of these options make LG the best TV brand name currently available. Plus, LG uses

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#2 Pick  Samsung

Samsung SUHD TV
Samsung televisions offer great image quality and a strong Smart TV interface in Tizen.

Samsung televisions carry an above average price compared to most of the other brands on the market, but the image quality options with this family of TVs justifies a slightly higher price point. Samsung units commonly feature the well regarded Tizen interface, making Samsung one of the best Smart TV brand options. If you’re looking for a best 4K TV brand, Samsung again ranks well in terms of Ultra HD display quality. As far as display technology, Samsung currently is focused on LED-LCD TVs, but it has experimented in the past with OLED — even releasing a few models a few years ago — and it recently discussed quantum dot LED displays. Samsung TVs do tend to rank poorly when it comes to energy efficiency versus the other best TV brand names on our list, but it’s still a reliable brand overall.

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#3 Pick  Sony

Sony XBR-75X910C 4k Ultra HDTV
Sony televisions are available in a variety of screen sizes, all while offering some of the best built-in audio quality among large screen models.

Sony televisions may rank just behind LG and Samsung in our best TV brand selections, but this manufacturer still offers a host of very strong models under the Bravia brand name. Sony TVs excel in image quality, especially with its Ultra HD models, and you can find a wide range of LED-LCD screen size options from Sony. If you’re looking for the best TV sound quality, Sony branded models offer some of the best performance with the built-in speaker. In regards to display technology, Sony recently announced it’s working on an upgrade to the LED backlight in its LCD TVs, called Backlight Master Drive, which creates nearly four times the brightness of current LED backlights, while also adjusting the backlight on the fly in areas of the screen where dark colors are present. Sony is hoping this new backlight can allow LCD to rival OLED in image quality. Many Sony TVs are Android TVS as well. If you have an Android phone already, you’ll want to make sure to check if your TV is compatible, for a convenient TV watching experience. Whether you are looking for the best TVs for the bedroom or living room, this brand has a wide selection and a lot to offer.

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#4 Pick  Vizio

Vizio M55-C2 55 Inch TV
Vizio consistently offers the lowest prices among the best TV brands in the market.

If you immediately dismiss Vizio as a potential large screen TV option because of a concern over quality and reliability, you need to reset your thinking.

While it’s true that the Vizio brand struggled in its early days with quality, the manufacturer has soared into the list of best TV brands by improving the performance and reliability of its units without giving up its low price positioning. Plus VIZIO has google assistant built into it’s software, to make your TV watching experience even more convinient. Now to be fair, Vizio TVs still don’t quite have the high image or audio quality of the others on this list, but its prices are so much lower that Vizio has earned its position as the best bargain TV brand. Compare this to the TCL 32″ Roku HD LED Smart TV.

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#5 Pick  Panasonic

Best 65 inch TV Panasonic TX-65CZ952
Panasonic TVs consistently offer the best energy efficiency in the market.

Panasonic has long offered some of the best TVs in the market, dating back to the days of CRT models. And the manufacturer offers a nice collection of large screen televisions today, especially excelling as the most energy efficient TV brand. Panasonic LED-LCD televisions tend to suffer from motion blur a bit more than the other models on this list, but they are extremely easy to set up and use. Panasonic has done a nice job capitalizing on its strengths from the past to create sets with good 4K image quality. With features like this, you can see why the Panasonic is one of the best TV brands on the market.

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What to Look for in the Best TV Brands

Image Quality: No matter how inexpensive a certain television is, if it doesn’t give you the image quality you want, you’re going to regret the purchase down the road. While all of the best TV brand names on our list have strong image quality, the way a TV looks can be a matter of personal preference.

Display Technology: Do your homework on display technologies before buying to avoid being overwhelmed with jargon. Most TVs use LCD technology in the screen with an LED backlight, so they’re sometimes called LED or LED-LCD TVs. LG offers the very impressive OLED display technology, but you’ll have to pay more for it. Plasma TV display technology from several years ago is no longer offered in the market.

Display Resolution: All of the best TV brand offerings provide either HD or the new Ultra HD display resolution. Ultra HD, also known as 4K, is the future of display resolution, but very little programming is offered in native 4K resolution right now. Most 4K TVs offered by these best TV brands can upscale native HD resolution programming to take advantage of 4K display resolution.

Mistakes to Avoid

Refresh Rate Marketing Ploys: Most of these major brand name manufacturers have given their refresh rate technologies sleek-sounding brand names. However, don’t pick a TV based solely on refresh rates, as there’s no real standard for refresh rate technology measurement. Pay attention to a variety of features of each TV, rather than relying on refresh rate alone.

Relying Too Much on Audio Quality: Most large screen TVs, even those from the best brand names, don’t have good audio quality from the built-in speakers. You should just set your budget with the idea of purchasing a sound bar or a speaker system for your large screen TV to compensate for the built-in speaker if you want strong audio quality.

Which Best TV Brands Are Right For You?

The best flat screen TV brand often will come down to a matter of personal preference. After all, we’ve all had personal experiences — good and bad — with certain electronics brand names, whether it’s in TVs, smartphones, appliances, or other units. Still, when you’re focusing on TVs; whether smart TVs or best outdoor TV, the five manufacturers listed here provide strong offerings. Take some time to consider what kind of budget you have for your TV purchase, as well as the particular features you want in a model, and then look for the best large screen television brand name that can match your needs … while avoiding those tempting Sorny and Panaphornics models, of course.

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  1. My 42 inch Sony bravia still looks great after 11 yrs. I had a 25 inch Sony XRB bought in 1987 last until 2005. So yes, Sony makes good tvs. Although I also have an affinity for Samsung, like their picture quality. I have never had any TV go bad……. Don’t understand why so many people hear are having bad luck.

  2. This article is useless gum flapping. Sony are by FAR the best TV’s on the market. The picture quality is far and away the best when comparing side by side with the same content. The motion and color processing is superior. Keep this in mind. Almost all content from sporting events, movies and television broadcast are filmed and captured on Sony cameras and lenses. Sony doesn’t make smart phones, refrigerators, electric can openers and washers and dryers. They own their own movie studios and almost all movies that you see are mastered on a specific model Sony panel. LG doesn’t support third party extenders and most of their TV’s come with cheap HDMI boards. Samsung’s color is artificial and limited to fake enhancements. Samsung also forces you to use proprietary distribution boxes that are external and have many connectivity issues and never mind trying to find a place to put it in an install. I’m Done.

  3. Very sad my vizio tv stopped working .Only a few years old.I’m on a fixed income so no more tv for awhile. Sure wish old days were here tvs lasted for awhile and you could get them fixed.

    1. I’ve had my RCA TV since it was handed down from my parents. I’m 50 yrs old and it still works great. I disagree with the “top” brands here. RCA has been around since I was born and I say that it should be ranked in the top 5.

  4. Yep my LG TV screen went blank also. But I had a good run. It lasted for nearly eight years. I went to a little TV repair shop in aldershot and he charged 120 to repair it. Five months down the line the same happened again. So I took it apart myself. It seems that its beneficial if you turn off the TV at the power source rather than leaving it on standby. Mine is working again now though but the screen is not as vivid and the white is a bit washed out. I’m on benefits now because of cancer and two major operations so a new one will take a few months to save for. I’ve also been told around here at least tv repair shops hate dealing with LG tvs in particular.

  5. My 55 inch Visio screen went too. It seems this is the new normal. All my recent appliance products I’ve gotten in the past 5 years are crap. We’ve got sucked into this cheap and cheaply made tech. I was looking for the best tv to get and it seems they all are crap.

  6. We has a Panasonic 50 col TV. Its back light died after 2,5 years (2 years warranty). No parts available to repair. Try to contact panasonic helpdesk, they said they have no obligation to help with parts, because it is after warranty.
    We bought the next TV with extended warranty.
    I missed the old CRT TVs. They was heavy, ugly but last for a decade at least.

  7. I had Panasonic 40 inch. It lasted only 30 months. The panel gave way. Service centre of Panasonic estimated repair charges equal to the cost of new one.

  8. I am retired, never worked for Best Buy, have never had an association with Best Buy, but when our Toshiba quit after 2 years, their service people were fast and polite, professional. Best Buy has made a real turnaround in the last year with it’s customer focus. The downside is just like everybody else is saying, our Toshiba couldn’t be fixed. Same ‘black’ screen, although when you shined a bright light on it, you could just see the picture. Don’t understand how so many brands can have such poor reliability.

  9. I bought sony lcd tv last 2009 it works for only two years and it damage the lcd. I buy again last last 2012 sony bravia and it last 1 year and 2 months again and again the sony service center advice to change the led panel. last 2015 i buy 48 inch sony tv last February, 2018 it appers no signal and bring it to the sony service , the technicia advice to replace led panel. Im so sad. is this a good brand of sony TV

  10. There are only 2 brand we can still trust, Sony and Panasonic…. TV are NOT supposed to last only 2-3 years… this is pure FRAUD… for customer AND environment…such a shame

    1. I bought “55 Sharp tv. Lasted 20 months, than i took to the tv repair place, and charged me $235 for back lights. The warranty was for 3 month, than after 3 1/2 months they went out again, Clearwater T.V & Appliance Service is the most crooked and scummy place. Never go there.

    2. my old LG lasted for 8 years and its my fault got broken while we are moving. My other LG is now 3 years going strong

    3. Panasonic 55 inch led ips panel fancy schmancy…dead in 5 years! They aren’t even in the us maeket anymore. Good suggestion.

  11. I am looking for an LED Television with the attached specification:

    40 inch flat screen LED TV
    Supply mounting bracket and screws.
    220volt with 16amp plug top
    Please give me the price delivered in Durban.Quote on all the different makes.

  12. I bought a Sony Smart TV in 2015 and now, 2 years later, it stopped working. The screen stays black when I turn it on, and a red flashes 6 times. I was told to expect at least 60,000 hrs from it, but instead I got 5500. This is unacceptable. Sony has really gone down the tubes. They used to last 20 years but now only 2. Cheap crap!!!


  13. It seams that if it’s electrical anything can happen at anytime but how the manufacturers support their products is what counts most at a reasonable price. LG performance is good but their support is the worst they stop making components for their products and say parts aren’t available after complaining they admit they do have the part but only for original purchaser and you must provide proof before they will honor their warranty I will never buy another LG products. I have a Samsung LED bought it open box over 3 years ago no problem so far. A Visio 8 years ago no problem so far.

    1. I bought a visio 55″ in November 2016, and July of this year it died. When I contacted their service center and ran through their check list, they said it is the back light which is “not economically feasible to fix” — in other words, throw it out and buy a new one. I don’t know about anyone else, but an almost $500 TV should last more than 19 months. I don’t have that kind of money to just throw it out.
      I will never buy another Visio.

  14. Not listed here, but I have had a panasonic LED TV since 2008 and it still works as good as new. Has never missed a beat but now looking for an upgrade. My nephew works in the court system that uses Samsungs, that may well have a great picture but break down continually. Probably going to go with a Sony this time around.

  15. I will never buy an LG TV let alone anything of theirs again. My LG TV’s I have 3 of them have all failed 2 32in 1080p models and my 47in 3D tv. All around the 2 year mark. I have a similar Vizio tv that is now 7 years old and runs just like the day I got. I also have 2 LG G4 phones that constantly over heated until the charger port stopped functioning.

    1. I had a Nexus 5x phone. LG required to replace due to class action. International phone model bought in US. They refused.

      Do not buy LG

  16. I purchased a 47″ LG about three years ago because of price and reliability needs. The screen went black (sound only) about 2 months ago… I took it into a local shop and they replaced several small electronic components because the electronic board was not available at a cost of $140 with a 90 day warranty. The screen went black again last week and it is back in the shop under the warranty. I don’t believe this TV will last more than another year and am already looking for a deal on a new TV. I have a 2007 and a 2009 Sharp Aquos sets that are both working perfectly….. maybe I’ll look for a good old gas guzzling type set to replace the LG… the new ones seem to be junk…. all my friends and relative report similar problems with all different brands.

    1. any tv you buy get the square trade warranty. one year from the mfg and four from the extended. tvs were and are now more than ever, nothing but disposable. don’t waste you money the picture/udio quality is as good if not almost as good from the cheaper models compared to the expensive models. sound…get a sound bar or surround system,

  17. We had a 47″ samsung picture go totally wacky with lines across the screen (not at all viewable) The prognosis was a bad video card. We removed the back panel (carefully keeping track of all fasteners, etc.) located the video card, very delicately un plugged it, noted the part number, went on line, found and ordered a replacement for less than $70 and again very carefully reinstalled all items. TV has been working fine now for about 3 years. [[[ Be sure you unplug the power while working on these things and ground yourself before touching components ]]]

  18. Samsung really,? With allll the horror stories . Shit mines died litterally one year after i bought it, as a matter of fact does samsung make anything that does break?

  19. I agree with Roxanne, I have been searching for a list about long term reliability for LED / LCD TVs and can not find one. It seems like all the companies are making tvs that look good and have many functions but use the cheapest parts possible internally so they fail quickly. My parents and a good friend have had major problems with Sony’s after just over a year that had to be replaced. I have had issues with two Samsung TVs, one (costing almost $2000) when it was 2 years old had capacitators fail that had to be replaced on the board and now it’s 5 years old the screen has a thick line of black pixels, so it’s garbage. Now another smaller Samsung will not turn on, I’ve looked it up and it sounds like more cheap / under specified capacitators. The only newer TV I’ve had that has given me no problems is made by Sharp (not even listed in this article), it seems good so far, about 4 years old, crossing my fingers.

  20. Do not purchase a Vizio. It won’t last beyond the initial 1 year warranty. After that, you’ll likely experience white spots all over the screen and/or the TV will stop powering on altogether. After only a year, a replacement (refurbished model) was sent to me and after six months, the replacement TV conked out as well. The warranty on the replacement TV expired after 6 months and the only thing Vizio offered to do was sell me another TV at a “discount.” Their “discounted price” is higher than store prices, so why bother? Stay away from Vizio. You have been warned.

    1. Hello all,

      I’m getting rid of my old Vizio smart TV. There’s a malfunction in the capacitor on the power supply board, so the TV will power up and give you the Vizio logo and then it goes black. Apparently it’s a common issue with these, and if you’ve got the time, patience, or funds, can be repaired easily. I was quoted $60-70 for a fix at a little repair shop on the East Side, but opted to grab a larger 4K model instead and use this one for our den, but still haven’t got around to fixing it. You can also remove the board yourself and have it fixed online for $50. Either way, if you need a cheap TV for parts or want to repair it yourself, this isn’t a bad deal.

      I’ll throw in a universal remote with the purchase. Other than that, it comes with a power cord. No stand (I had it mounted and can’t find the stock stand). Condition is solid, and the screen is free of blemishes or cracks. There are a few splotches of paint on the upper edge, but they’re not noticable from a few feet away and aren’t on the actual screen. Price is firm, but I’ll be willing to trade for gift cards to Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Walmart, or Target (or anywhere else that I can blow the money on blu-rays online).

  21. My Samsung TV went out after I had it for a little over two years. Every second the picture kept shutting off.

  22. my lg TV also gave up after only 2 years although i still had sound but no picture. after making inquiries on the internet i was asked to shine a torch into the screen and if i could see the imagery the fault would be with the back lights or the power-board i have yet to fit the new power board which i ordered on line for around £60 [ English pounds ]if this cures the fault and it last for anther 2 years it would be worth it as a new 47″tv would set me back about £600

  23. Now a days when I purchase a television or appliance I always buy the “In the middle” priced item.
    Why?? Because now a days things are made to not last very long, unless you buy a really expensive item, and then discarded so buy an in the middle price range item, and forget about the warranty (which is a joke to begin with) because what you pay for a warranty for three years or four you could buy a new tv or appliance.
    So buy a middle of the price range item use it till it breaks down then with the money saved from NOT buying the extended warranty go buy another in the middle priced item.

    1. True. I purchased a Sony tv started having problems with the TV two months after the manufacturer warranty ran out. The tv color was fantastic now pixels color bleed in the images. Model KDL-W950B . Tech support is a joke.

  24. The thing consumers really need to know is, is there a brand of tv that is reliable? Yes, LG tvs look great, and have great features, but mine just suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason after I had it for just over 2 years. I have done some investigating, and I have learned that this is a wide-spread issue with LG tvs. It is insane to have a tv that cost $600 but only lasts 2 years. I used to be able to buy a tv and have it last for 20 years!

    1. Hey Roxanne, what was the issue with the TV? Is it the power supply, the display, etc? While I can’t dispute if it’s a widespread problem, it’s only sometimes when we look for a pattern that we find one :). Just food for thought, but happy to help in anyway I can. And good point about the post.

    2. I have a LG big screen,It is a little over 2 years old, the screen went black, I have audio but no picture, this is a shame, I sure wish I had read the reviews before buying this brand, I will never buy another one and I will tell family and friends to please stay away from the LG tv’s………….

        1. You obviously haven’t had to deal with LG. Appalling customer service, based in the Philippines I think judging by the poor grasp of English, or very poor training, giving completely incorrect advice. Even their authorised service centres comment on how bad LG is to deal with.

          1. Carolyn, you’re absolutely correct, but I can completely empathize with your frustration. That said, I’m more than happy to voice a concern to my contacts at LG. However, to do that, we need to identify the issue with both the TV and the customer service reps. Which is to say, if you’ve hit an absolute roadblock I’m more than happy to jump in and help – and that goes for anyone else reading this post. Please feel free to email at info @.

    3. I agree with you. My 47″ failed after only 3 years. Have audio but no picture. I contacted LG and they refused to make it right. any TV should last more than 3 years

    4. We just had a 55″ Visio fail after a bit over 2 1/2 years. Same as several others…black screen but still have audio. Seems to be the luck of the draw as far as reliability.

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