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Best TV for Seniors in 2023

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Choosing the best TV for seniors could mean the difference between squinting at a pixelated screen with subpar built-in audio and a rich, immersive experience. Our evaluation focused on performance/display, simplified remote controls, and user interface.

After more than 17 hours of research, our pick for the best TV for seniors goes to the TCL 55S425 TV for Seniors. It delivers across the board with a great 4K picture, a fast-loading Roku interface, and a simple remote with easy access to streaming content.. Keep reading to learn more about the best TVs for seniors, and what they have to offer.

Top 10 TVs for Seniors

 #1  TCL 55S425 TV for Seniors


WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV for seniors comes with a respectable 4K (3840×2160 resolution) UHD picture and 3 HDMI connections, making it an excellent value home theater TV to pair with a Blu-ray player, Playstation, or other external consoles.

  • Excellent picture clarity
  • Built-in Roku for quick content discovery
  • 4K Creative Pro Upscaling to convert non-HD to 4K
  • Modest 60Hz refresh rate
  • Built-in speakers could use more pop
  • Legs stand too far apart; may present issue with narrower tables

This TV for seniors is packed with features, starting, with 4K resolution and 4K Creative Pro Upscaling to convert non-HD content to near 4K. Picture settings are also plentiful, with options to control brightness, backlighting, and optimizing input lag by switching to Game Mode.

Where this TV for seniors really shines is with the Roku TV platform and included remote with an intuitive plus-shaped navigation pad and dedicated buttons for Netflix and Sling TV. Amazon Echo and Google Assistant are also supported. Three HDMI ports are also good to hook up Blu-ray players and other home theater kits. If you’re looking for something to place out on your patio or lanai, our best outdoor TV buying guide has excellent options as well.

 #2  Sony X950G TV for Seniors


WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV for seniors features full-array local dimming technology for excellent color depth and Acoustic Multi-Audio, a great option for seniors who want a more immersive sound audio experience.

  • Accurate sound w/ Acoustic Multi-Audio
  • X-Motion Clarity for 120Hz refresh rate
  • Dynamic Range PRO 6x for color depth
  • Not as fast-loaded and responsive as the Roku TV platform
  • Spotty internet connection at times; may need to rejoin networks

The picture quality with this TV for seniors is solid. It uses a smart combination of 4K, full-array local dimming, and an X-tended Dynamic Range PRO 6x technology to optimize light levels and produce color depth. An X1 Ultimate Process renders images beautifully, creates lifestyle depth, and reduces blur and image distortion. X-Motion Clarity technology also contributes to an optimal refresh rate, with no noticeable blur on high-motion scenes like football scrimmages and polo matches. However, if you enjoy a little competition with your favorite grandkid, you should consider the best TV for gaming, if you want a high-quality experience.

Our favorite feature with this best Smart TV for seniors is its Acoustic Multi-Audio, which uses four front-facing speakers and two rear-facing sound positioning tweeters to create sound within the picture, shooting it across various angles for immersive and surround-style sound quality. Speaking of surround-style sound quality, if you’re interested in this feature to watch your favorite sports game, then read our guide to the best TV for sports.

 #3  Samsung UN50AU8000FXZA TV for Seniors


WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV for seniors features Dynamic Crystal Color technology for depth of color and contrast management and a super intuitive Universal Guide, great for seniors who want content suggestions based on viewing habits.

  • Universal Guide facilitates show discovery
  • Dynamic Crystal Color technology for rich color depth
  • Samsung’s SmartThings for smart device controls
  • Clunky remote; not the most responsive
  • Occasional bloatware and built-in advertisements

This best TV for seniors with dementia is solid across the board. Dynamic Crystal Color technology revamps millions of shades of color for a superbly nature-themed color palette, and a 4K UHD Processor works to convert non-HD content to near 4K. Motion Rate 120 technology also optimizes refresh rates for a smooth-flowing picture.

Big shoutout to this TV’s integration with Samsung’s SmartThings, which consists of an Alexa and Google Assistant-powered smart home device control on-screen dashboard. A separate Universal Guide is very easy to use, led by a bottom launcher bar with app selections and large thumbnails with movie titles for a clean look and feel. All in all, we were very impressed with this TV’s combination of picture quality and user interface. If picture quality isn’t the most important feature, you might also want to check out our best 1080p TV buying guide. For more size variety from another reputable TV brand, check out one of the Vizio TV sizes.

 #4  Samsung 8000 Series TV for Seniors


WHY WE LIKE IT: This Crystal 4K UHD HDR TV features Crystal 4K Processing for blisteringly fast upscaling to 4K and a near bezel-less frame supporting Ambient Mode, a great choice for seniors who would prefer to wall mount and show artwork or information when the TV is not in use.

  • Stunning Ambient Mode for decor
  • Bezel-less design good wall mount
  • OneRemote for multiple controller detection
  • Not an anti-reflective screen
  • No backlighting on remote
  • So-so HDMI port placement (back of the TV)

This TV for seniors is stunning, led by a 4K UHD screen with a Crystal Display, which replaces a QLED picture without using Quantum Dot technology for comparable performance. A near bezel-less design and Ambient Mode display decor scenes, information, or photos to set personalized pictures as wallpaper. It comes with hundreds of wallpaper options for a truly customized presentation.

One of our favorite features of this TV for seniors is its OneRemote, a universal remote which detects and controls compatible smart home devices, including Blu-ray players and surround sound systems. For brighter rooms, you’ll also want to check out our best TV for bright rooms buying guide.

 #5  Sony A8H BRAVIA OLED TV for Seniors


WHY WE LIKE IT: This OLED TV delivers a dazzling display using Pixel Contrast Booster for 8 million individually controlled pixels and Apple Airplay 2 support, great for seniors who love to stream content from their mobile phones onto the big screen.

  • Acoustic Surface Audio for spatial effects
  • Stunning picture using Pixel Contrast Booster
  • Ultra-slim and near bezel-less design; great for wall mounting
  • Highly reflective screen; best for dark room watching
  • No backlighting on remote

This TV offers solid performance across the board, starting with a Pixel Contrast Booster and TRLUMINO display for improved color and depth optimization for deeper blacks and purer whites. Its Picture Processor X1 really does an exceptional job with peak brightness and lifelike detail. Where this TV really wins is with its Ambient Optimization (sound adjustment based on background conditions) and Acoustic Surface Audio, which projects sound directly from the screen using back panel vibrating actuators and a center speaker to produce a neat spatial effect.

Kudos to the Android TV platform, one of the more intuitive digital platforms we researched. Built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant offer voice command control of TV content and home devices. Consider this TV for seniors for an impressive combination of picture quality, interface, and sound. It’s great if you’re looking for the best smart TV for streaming that is senior-friendly.

 #6  LG OLED55B9PUA B9 TV for Seniors


WHY WE LIKE IT: This OLED TV comes with a sharp OLED and 20-watt subwoofer with 2.2 channels, an excellent choice for seniors who are hard of hearing.

  • Sharp display with self-illuminating pixels
  • Immersive sound experience using a 20-watt subwoofer
  • Supports HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision
  • Motion handling could be better
  • Older OLED so may be more susceptible to image retention

This TV for senior citizens is very formidable in most areas. an OLED display uses self-illuminating pixels instead of LEDs to deliver a wider viewing angle and impressive color depth and brightness. It also supports HDR10, hybrid log gamma (HLG), and Dolby Vision formats for increased dynamic range across all types of broadcast and digital content. Sound quality is on point, powered by a 20-watt subwoofer with 2.2 channel sound – good for 40 watts of immersive and rich sound comparable with a Sonos soundbar.

Where this TV for seniors really shines is with LG’s WebOS smart-TV platform, which uses ThinQ AI to deliver digital content suggestions and pairs Google Assistant for voice controls and its pointer-cursor-based Magic Remote for ripping through menu selections. Consider this one of the best TV remotes for seniors. It’s certainly the best sounding TV on our list.

 #7 Sony X800G TV for Seniors


WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV for seniors -comes with a gorgeous TRILUMINOS display for a rich color palette and ClearAudio+ for surround sound quality, a good choice for seniors who want a well-rounded television.

  • TRILUMINOS display for vivid picture
  • Simple, easy-to-understand Android TV platform
  • Dedicated remote buttons for Google Play and Netflix
  • Distortion with higher volume

This TV for elderly people offers a high dynamic range 4K Ultra HD picture based on TRILUMINOS, a color technology that reproduces reds, greens, and blues super accurately. This results in a color palette of roughly 50% greater than traditional LCD panels. 4K X-Reality PRO also upscales non-HD content to near 4K, which works well with antenna channels.

On the audio side, this TV delivers. ClearAudio+ delivers crystal clear surround sound quality, although it is a bit treble-heavy at times with distortion at higher volumes. We love this TV’s simplified interface, which uses the Android TV platform with large splash images and marked thumbnails along with Popular, Recently Watched, and likewise menus. Remote controls have dedicated buttons for Google Play and Netflix, good to have you watching the best TV shows for seniors in less than 10 seconds. It’s a nice choice if you’re looking for the best TV for your bedroom as well.

 #8  LG C9 OLED TV for Seniors


WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV for seniors features a stunning OLED panel using an Alpha 9 Gen 2 processor and LG’s webOS interface, a great choice for seniors who want minimal hassle toggling between content.

  • Exceptional sound using Dolby Atmos
  • Alpha 9 Gen 2 processor for stunning picture
  • Built-in Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands
  • Screen burn-in issue when static images left on TV for a long time
  • AI adaptive brightness not always responsive
  • The remote control could use fewer buttons

This easiest TV for seniors is well-rounded, starting with 10-bit color support for exceptional color range and Alpha 9 Gen 2 processor to optimize noise reduction and upscaling of non-HD content to near 4K. Its AI-powered platform also adjusts brightness based on ambient lighting conditions. Big shout-out goes to HDR10, Dolby Vision, and Hybrid Log-Gamma, all in different video formats.

Kudos for this TV for seniors’ remote control. Based on the Magic Motion platform, it uses a motion-controlled cursor to toggle screen menus and text entries instead of toggle buttons. Simply point, click, and go. Built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa also allow seniors to control video and audio with simple voice commands. It’s a great option if you’re also interested in finding the best HDR TV.

 #9  Toshiba 50LF621U21 TV for Seniors


WHY WE LIKE IT: This value-friendly TV is based on the Amazon Fire TV platform, featuring a lightning-responsive voice remote. This is an excellent choice for people with an Amazon Prime membership.

  • Intuitive Amazon streaming platform
  • Three HDMI connections for external devices
  • Remote is Alexa-enabled
  • Not the best brightness in SDR and HDR modes
  • Glossy plastic bezel looks and feels cheap
  • Not completely hands-free & does not support Dolby Vision

Consider this a no-grills, HDR-capable smart TV with a basic 4K resolution (no splurging on OLED and QLED here), its strength lies in usability with the Amazon Fire TV platform and the Amazon Fire TV remote, which has four dedicated buttons for Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, and Blue along with directional scroll wheel rather than arrows.

The Amazon Fire TV platform is very well laid out, with quick access to all major streaming content providers, including Spotify, Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu. It uses a remote microphone button for quick voice commands to retrieve weather updates, pulls up apps, and toggle between different inputs. Watching TV has never been more entertaining. For higher picture quality, our best curved TV buying guide has some additional options.

 #10  Insignia TV for Seniors

Award: BEST UI

WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV for seniors impresses, based on the easy-to-use Roku TV ecosystem and excellent color reproduction, a great choice for budget-conscious shoppers looking for usability over performance.

  • Easily accessible port locations
  • Smooth and fast loading Roku TV platform
  • Intuitive remote control with dedicated buttons
  • Black levels and contrast optimization a bit middling
  • Limited picture settings

One of this TV set’s brightest features is its remote design, slightly curved with an oversized navigation pad and four dedicated buttons for Google Play, HBO Now, Netflix, and Sling. The Roku TV interface is pretty smooth and fast-loading, offering immediate access to thousands of apps, including all of the major audio (e.g. Spotify, Pandora) and video (e.g. Youtube, Hulu) providers.

Another underrated feature is its HDMI port (4) and USB port (1) port location, which are conveniently located on the side for easy reach. Consider this one of the best TV for seniors for its simplified interface.

How We Decided

In determining the best TV for seniors to buy, we explored performance/display, simplified remote controls, and navigation.

We recommend the best TV for seniors with a minimum FullHD or 4K resolution. 4K offers four times the amount of pixels as Full HD televisions for an improved color range, depth of detail, and clearer picture. Kudos for OLED TVs which offer a wider viewing angle, accommodating an individual or a group of seniors in varying seating positions in the room. If you don’t mind spending a little more, you can also check out QLED models like the one in our Samsung Q90R review.

Simplified remote controls with voice activation are a must. Nowadays, many clunky options exist with 20+ buttons for everything. Opt for the best TV for seniors with Alexa and Google Home compatibility, which allows for quick voice commands to flip through favorite channels or your favorite movies and shows without button mashing.
Navigation should be highly intuitive, with easily organized tiles to find streaming content easily. Focus on the best TV for seniors with usable operating systems with clearly labeled icons and fast transitions between menu selections. A simple universal remote that allows seniors to control multiple streaming services at once is a must.

Best TV for Seniors Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Display
    Our preference is for a minimum FullHD or 4K resolution, which allows seniors to sit closer to the screen without straining their vision. So, if you’re looking for ultra-clear and detailed image quality, 4K picture vs 1080p is the perfect choice for you.
    • It also offers a higher pixel count (3,840 by 2,160, pixels), quadrupling that of 1080p televisions.
    • For extra pizzazz, go for OLED or QLED screens. QLED screens use Quantum Dot technology, which consists of millions of individually controlled pixels for truer and deeper contrasts and a brighter picture.
    • And if you’re thinking, “Now what does OLED stand for?”, we have a separate guide explaining it.
    • Be sure to keep your display clean by learning how to clean a TV screen properly.
  2. Simplified Remote Controls
    The simpler the remote control, the better. The best TV setup for seniors uses simplified controllers with dedicated app buttons for one-click access to your favorite streaming services, as well as a large microphone button to voice your desired content. We are big fans of LG Web OS and ROKU TV for their generous learning curve. This is an underrated aspect of smart TVs, and you can read our comparison of smart TV and an Android TV to see that Android TV may be a little more difficult for people to use who aren’t used to that ecosystem. Don’t forget easy-to-reach HDMI and USB port placement, preferably on the side and not the back. And while on the topic of the physical design, opt for a size that you find comfortable to watch but also a size that can fit in your space. For example, if you like the idea of a 65-inch, double check 65″ TV dimensions so you know it’ll work with your home before you make a purchase.
  3. Navigation
    Our preference is for the best TV for seniors with intuitive UIs. This means clearly labeled icons, large thumbnails, and quick menu transitions with a single voice command. Kudos for ATVs with voice-activated remote controls that make flipping channels and finding content easier than pressing multiple buttons. We consider this the easiest Smart TV to use.

TV for Seniors FAQs

Is 4K better than OLED?

Note, OLED and 4K are somewhat mutually exclusive. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) refers to the screen technology used, emitting a wider color gamut than yesterday’s LED LCD TVs with LED TV backlighting. 4K is the actual screen resolution. Note, 4K runs 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is four times the amount as standard HD.

Is Netflix free on a smart TV?

As of this writing, Netflix offers a one-month free trial. After that, users pay a monthly subscription fee for full access to Netflix shows. There are different pricing plans depending on the number of users and profiles created for each account.

Should I buy 4K TV or full HD?

For TVs for seniors, 4K TV is superior to Full HD. Compare a 3,840 x 2,160 pixels resolution with a 1,366 x 768 resolution and you have your answer. Remember, the higher the resolution, the richer the scenes.

Which is better smart TV or normal TV?

When buying a new TV, smart TVs offer an infinitely greater number of advantages than normal TVs. Smart TVs have built-in WiFi that allows it to be connected to the internet and stream content. They also integrate nicely with soundbars and, occasionally, hearing aids.

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