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If you’re in the market for a new monitor that’s a step up from 1080p, the Acer V277U is a tempting offer. With 1440p resolution, 75Hz refresh rate and a wide sRGB color gamut, it’s equipped to do a bit of everything, making it one of the best computer monitors on a budget.

Why We Like It – Acer V277U

With a wide color gamut, crisp 1440p QHD resolution, and up to 75Hz refresh rate, this monitor sits at the junction of gaming and home office purpose, while being comfortably priced.

  • 1440p QHD resolution
  • Adaptive Sync reduces screen tearing/stuttering
  • 100% sRGB wide color gamut
  • 75Hz refresh rate is limited to DisplayPort
  • No height adjustment—just tilt.


For gaming, its 75Hz refresh rate (limited to DisplayPort only; otherwise it’s 60Hz) is a nice boost from 60Hz, providing a smoother experience. And Adaptive Sync ensures your GPU and refresh rate work together to prevent screen tearing and stuttering, similar to AMD’s FreeSync in the LG 34UM69G-B 34″ Monitor. With 100% sRGB color gamut, you’re also getting a wide range of colors and contrast ratio for an improved viewing experience. It’s further improved through a QHD resolution—otherwise known as 2K or 1440p—which isn’t as nice as 4K, but superior to the 1080p resolution the HP VH240a 24″ Monitor has.


The Acer V277U isn’t a looker. It’s plain and straight to the point. The bezels are thin, which encourages multi-monitor setups. Along the bottom, on each end, are two speakers. They’re good enough until you’ve secured a superior set of external speakers. In the back are two HDMI ports (limited to 60Hz) and a single DisplayPort that outputs at 75Hz. Unfortunately, the monitor only tilts up and down; height adjustment isn’t available, just like its cousin, the Acer R240HY 24″ Monitor. However, the ports are positioned to accommodate VESA mounting.


Since the Acer V277U is attempting to perform multiple tasks at once, it becomes a sort of “jack-of-all-trades” but master of none. Getting its best requires a DisplayPort cable, which is bundled inside. Does that make it pointless? Quite the contrary. If you were hoping to avoid 4K and save yourself money, but still see improvements, 1440p is the logical step forward. And it performs well enough in key areas to be a casual gaming monitor or office monitor at the drop of a hat.

Acer V277U Wrap Up

The Acer V277U is a solid budget 2K monitor that satisfies all walks of life, whether you’re performing office tasks, editing images and videos, or gaming in your free time. Its 100% sRGB color gamut, 75Hz refresh rate, and Adaptive Sync technology see to that. You’ll need DisplayPort if you want to use 75Hz, however.

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