Here in the US Tech permeates our lives in a multitude of ways. Between our mobile devices, Smart TV’s, gaming consoles and vehicles, there is rarely a time in which we aren’t utilizing digital technology in one form or another. One place where we seem to have left Tech behind is in the place that we spend about 13 months of our lives, toilets.

Somehow, Japan has gone from a very old feudal system to a technology showcase in under 80 years. They’ve embraced technology so well, that they’re now the ones leading the world in futuristic scene-scapes. Sure, Dubai is a close second, but nothing says Future like the Tokyo skyline. Today we’ll focus on just how advanced they are, so much so, that their bathrooms, with limited space, have us eating their figurative dust.

1. Brondell Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat


The Brondell Swash 1000 isn’t a full on toilet, that’s made obvious from the title. However, this magnificently futuristic toilet seat provides many of the features made available by its full seated cousins. Probably the best feature of this product is the fact that you can install it on your current gen commode without having to re-plumb your bathroom. The Swash 1000 comes equipped with a four way valve system that provides post release cleansing with spray width adjustment, water temperature settings, heated seat and a warm air dryer. You also get the added benefit of never having to be nagged about putting the seat down once you’ve finished doing your business, as the Swash 1000 has an automatic gently closing seat and lid function.

2. Toto MS990CGR-12 High Performance One Piece Toilet


A full toilet replacement, the Toto MS990CGR is a sleek, tankless, one-piece toilet with an integrated washlet seat. Being tankless, the Toto requires no waiting between flushes. Enabling you to courtesy flush as frequently as required without listening to the annoying sound of a refilling tank. It also eliminates the awkward need to hold off on flushing while someone is in the shower. The Toto also comes armed with a built in deodorizer that can be activated by the included remote control.

3. Lotus Luxury Smart Toilet Bidet Seat ATS-908 with Purestream Function

Lotus Luxury Smart

Back to the Smart Seats, the Lotus Luxury ATS-908 is another easy way to move your bathroom into the future without removing your current ivory throne. While very similar to Brondell’s Swash, the Lotus ATS-908 has a few special features that help it stand apart from its competitors. First off, the washing nozzle is self cleaning and is made of an “anti-germ” material. We’re not sure if that material is Teflon, or what have you, but the fact that it automatically cleans itself after each use means less time putting your hands in areas you don’t want to touch.

4. Regio Toilet Complete


With its bass awkward naming convention, Inax’s Regio Toilet Complete flushes into the future by use of its air driven dual steam flushing vortex. Try saying that five times fast. This hands free, auto heating, dual vortex toilet is so advanced, it auto flushes when it senses that it’s getting too full. Imagine never having to courtesy flush for yourself or sneer at your own stench. Also, with this top pf the line throne, you get a built in nightlight and a music system. I don’t know when the music plays or if you can load your own tracks, but all I can imagine is the symphonious melody of Hallelujah!

5. The Dungaroo


While it didn’t make its funding goal on Indiegogo, the Dungaroo was proposed to be the next evolution of the toilet. While very low tech, respectively, this product was designed to “save the world, one toilet at a time”. The Dungaoo makes the list due to its being waterless and eco-friendly. The design is simple, sit, do your business and then pick up your waste bad and dispose of it. The waste bag is what really makes this product. Inside are microbes that kill pathogens, thus eliminating the stench associated with the other contents. We hope they find a way to get this product to market.

6. HomeTech Industries HI-4001BC


Yet another Seat add-on, the HomeTech Industries Feel Fresh Bidet Toilet is designed to work with most Kohler toilets. Good news for those of us in the states. While this futuristic toilet seat has many of the options available from the other listed seats, bidet, water temp control, auto closing lid, this one is made of a germ resistant molded plastic. It may not be the most comfortable of the seats on the list, but it is one of the most power conscious. Consuming only 550 Watts, this thing wastes less power than leaving your porch lights on all night.

7. Sani-Seat” Toilets


Found in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, the Sani-Seat incorporates something that has always seemed obvious, it removes the need for those useless paper seat covers. How is a water soluble material supposed to be sanitary? Instead of useless paper covers, the Sani-Seat dispenses a plastic, waxed paper cover over the toilet seat. It also disposes of it when you’ve completed your business and re-dispenses a new, fresh cover for the next user. Agreed, it doesn’t look comfortable at all, but at least you won’t be sitting on spillage.

8. Caroma Profile Smart Round

Caroma Profile Smart 305

This one makes the list for its ingenious simplicity and forward thinking. The Caroma Profile Smart Round comes equipped with a faucet above the tank of the seat, reducing the water wasted with flushing. In a stunning display of energy conscientious, the high efficiency, Smart Round lets you wash your hands with the water destined for the next flush. The water is clean, right out of the pipe, so no fear of contaminating your hands. Once the water from the faucet goes down the drain, it is sent to the tank to await flushing. Good show chaps, good show.

9. Wellbeing Toilet


Featured in Smithsonian Magazine, the Wellbeing Toilet is an award winning concept that analyzes urine and waste to check for diseases and nutrient deficiencies. The designers say that it can also be used to check for pregnancy. While this may send off red alerts for the privacy conscientious, the abilities of this new commode are awe-inspiring. The design behind the Wellbeing toilet is also focused on ensuring that its user sits using the most efficient posture by forcing them to scoot up their legs. If they can add some of the features available by some of the above listed seats, this may have the chance of becoming a Californian standard.