HMDX Jam Review

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10 Comments to HMDX Jam Review

  1. KatrinaAnon

    It is a nice unit except for one huge thing. The USB charging port breaks after a few months. I have bought two of these and the same thing has happened to both of them.

    The other improvement they could make are larger legends on the buttons. If you have 50 year old eyes you cannot read the darn things.

  2. irishmafia116

    Awful customer service on hold for 17 minutes then disconnected called back on hold again for 5 and disconnected

  3. jojoshoehorn

    Will you be reviewing the new HMDX Jam Plus?
    Description says that you can pair 2 speakers to one source

  4. I have seen people on other sites complaining about difficulty pairing to iphones, well thank god I have a nokia, no problem pairing at all, excellent sound from such a small speaker, with good bass response. Recommended.

  5. Does the HMDX Jam connect to an Acer notebook? I cannot find the bluetooth icon even in the control panel, should I just use the aux jack?

  6. madmike1966

    couldnt wait to get one..blows away the BOMB at walmart, and as seen on tv BULLET
    sound is it for $29 well worth it..use it on my droid NFL site

  7. Shawn, I can’t even get the HMDX Jam to pair with my iPhone… Can see it in the bluetooth listing, but keep getting message that pairing was unsuccessful (out of range, etc…) and both devices are side-by-side. Both devices are bluetooth enabled and turned on.

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