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Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA Datavac Pro Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
92 Expert Rating

For someone on the market for the best computer vacuum, something that can handle every nook and cranny, we turn to the Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA Datavac Pro. Why? Because of its miniature tool kit. More importantly, it’s providing the kind of suction power that yanks the dust right from your PC’s chassis with ease. Visit the best vacuum cleaner reviews to find alternative household cleaning machines.

Why We Like It – Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA Datavac Pro

With the ability to cover 70 CFM and micro cleaning tools, the Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA Datavac Pro is a comprehensive package for dusty and cleaning your electronics thoroughly. It’s too bad it’s not the finest quiet vacuum.

  • 70 CFM w/ 4.5 amps
  • Includes micro cleaning tools
  • Ideal for replacing air cans
  • Uses disposable bags


With a rating of 70 CFM, you’ll cover 70 cubic feet in just a minute. This is backed up by its 120 volts (which is standard among vacuums) and 4.5 amps. It’s providing a much more consistent stream of air than canned air would. That’s a far cry from the 5 volts the Ehoyal 2-in-1 Computer Vacuum offers, but matches the Fuller Brush Mini Maid Vacuum.

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Speed & Efficiency

Many of the top vacuum cleaners on our list only ever come with one or maybe two tools; the Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA Datavac Pro Series comes with 7, in addition to a shoulder strap. This makes it one of the most efficient vacuums for your car and or keyboard. Take the air pinpointer, for example, an ever-so-tiny tool that lets you reach even smaller crevices. You could say it’s on the list of the leading computer vacuums.

Capacity & Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining the Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA Datavac Pro, there’s very little you actually have to look forward to. This is largely due to its use of disposable bags. Unlike a quick-release bin—which we prefer—it doesn’t have to be emptied and cleaned, only dispose of the bag when it’s full.


Take one good look at it and you’ll realize that the Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA Datavac Pro isn’t exactly the highest of quality when it comes to materials. It’s clear that it’s plastic which, to be fair, keeps it lightweight (it weighs just 3 lbs), but that comes at the cost of being easy to break. That’s what the strap is for, to prevent it from being dropped during computer cleaning.


Unlike the Metro Vacuum ED500P DataVac, the MDV-1BA feels more like a multi-use vacuum than a simple electronic vacuum. The tools are much smaller than the ED500P, making them ideal for cleaning computers. It also comes with a few more tools, making the MDV-1BA slightly more versatile. That’s a positive feature in our book, but remember: you’ll spend money buying bags, and that gets costly over time.

Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA Datavac Pro Wrap Up

The Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA DataVac Pro is the kind of tool you want if you obsess over dusting every inch of your computer or car. Its miniature tools beg for the opportunity. With as much as 70 CFM being handled, it’s no wonder it becomes one of our optimal choices for replacing canned air.

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