Surely you have come across the best printer for Chromebook or desktops, but this article has something new for you. There’s a handheld inkjet printer coming out this holiday season that will let you directly print on a variety of surfaces including: fabric, wood, polymer clay, wallpaper, and other surfaces. Uh… neat?

The hand-held printer will ship with a disc containing 40 designs, a black ink cartridge, a docking station, and 2 9-volt batteries. You can download additional designs with twelve additional discs available for $29.99. Ink cartridges will come in black, green, and red and sell for $39.99. Each cartridge should print up to 5,000 inches. All you’ll need for your printing needs on the road is a pack of some of the best printer paper.

The printer was developed by Xyron and will ship in December ’05 for $139.99.

Are you thinking of all the wonderful possibilities? Making your own wardrobe? Your own wallpaper? Yeah, it’s pretty lame.

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  1. Printer is necessary thing for business and sometime for home also,Handheld printer looks nice,I need a printer in my office,maybe this printer  is suit for me,OK,I will buy one andhave a try.

  2. Xyron gives good handheld printer.  It can print on  polymer clay, wallpaper,fabric, wood. So it is useful for many small businesses and it's price is also reasonable. This printer's look is awesome.

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  3. This is mostly for small projects, scrapbooking, etc. It is not to print documents. You hold the handheld printer on top of what you want to print on, and then it prints directly onto that surface. Example: You have an object, such as a box, that you want to put your name on. You type in your name, and hold the printer on top of the box and it prints directly onto the box. Understand now? You cannot feed paper, etc. through it. Hope this helps some people.

  4. What do you mean it’s pretty lame? I dont care much for printing on clothes, but hell, Id like to be able to print my English essays at the very last moment (among other uses, be creative).

    Although I must say this particular model looks like a hybrid mouse/phone with a print head attached to the bottom. Eh. I can wait for a better looking one.

  5. Can you type in a description that you want it to say. Example a job description or jog number. And does this print out a label or bar code?

  6. I want to hand print (away from the computer facility) individual cards with name / item/price etc can you tell me if thismachine will do that?
    if it does, how do I source the individual (but same size) cards
    to supply the printing machine?
    is it available in uk?
    many thanks

  7. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am very interested in this kind of printer (Xyron Design Runner hand held printer). However, i want to know that if I can use my own design disc instead of the Xyron disc?

    Your soonest reply would be appreciated.

    Many thanks and best regards

    Vinh Tho (from Saigon, Vietnam)

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