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Nanotips Let You Use Your iPhone With Gloves

It's a common First World Problem; you can wear your gloves, or use your iPhone, but you can't do both. And, now, there's a solution to this problem: Nail polish! OK, Not Really Nail Polish All right, so Nanotips aren't actuall...
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2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Sheds 220 Pounds

Mazda has finally revealed the highly anticipated fourth-generation Miata in Monterey, CA and the biggest highlight for the roadster is that it's lighter than ever before. Shedding 200 pounds, the MX-5 Miata is said to be "the ...
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lean muscle front

Lean Muscle Suit Gets You Ripped With No Effort

We all want to become thinner, stronger and more attractive with absolutely zero effort. Five minutes on the Internet, looking at ads promoting that one weird trick to lose five pounds of belly fat, will tell you that. But some...


Halloween Costume Uses Smartphone To Gross People Out (video)

It's that time of year...when people start to think about what they'll be for Halloween. More than a month a way, Halloween costume shops are already popping up so it's time to start that list of what you'd like to dress up as....

Mini Garage Holds Your Keys

You car gets to park in a garage so why shouldn't your keys? Well now they can with Cairo's mini key garage. The rack looks exactly like a mini garage you hang and comes with a tiny Porsche, Jaguar E-Type, VW bus, Karmann Ghia ...
2016 Merc GT S-1

Mercedes Just Unveiled the 2016 AMG GT S and GT, Supermodel Sexy + 503hp (video)

What's silver and sexy all over?  Mercedes' newest car: the 2016 AMG GT S (there is also a GT version with slightly less power). For those not familiar with Merc's stable of cars, this is the follow up to the recently discontin...

Vemar Helmet Review

4 True or False Statements on the Vemar Jiano EVO TC Night Vision Helmet (video)

1. My helmet size is a Large, so it should fit perfectly FALSE - Make sure to try it on some how. Every company makes their helmets a little bit differently. And on top of that, I can’t assume any two heads are exactly the same...
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Remember The Ring Clock, It’s in Production, And It’s Shockingly Tough

Previously, we told you about the Ring Clock, which... well, the name really says it all. It's a ring that has a clock on it, although really it's three stainless steel rings working in concert to keep you informed of the time....

The Cabelet, A Stylish Bracelet, Ensures Your iPhone Is Never Without A Lightning Cable

It's a common, and annoying, problem: You're out and about, perhaps at work or out having fun with friends, and your phone dies. Or, perhaps, you lose your charger at the worst possible moment; it gets soaked, or disappears, or...
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Dyson Unveils Its First Robot Vacuum After 16 Years

Dyson has been in the vacuum business for the past 16 years, and now the well-known appliance company has finally unveiled their first robot vacuum cleaner with their 360 Eye. The moving robotic vacuum is said to pack even more...
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Siring Controls Your iPhone From Your Finger (Video)

You'll never have to pick up your iPhone again when you wear Siring - a new Indiegogo campaign for a ring that fully controls your iPhone remotely. Like a mouse complements a computer, Siring is made to be an extension of your ...

HP’s 2014 Envy 15 & Envy 17 Reach Clearance Prices

If you're in the market for a new PC you might have thought the best discounts would be found during the holiday season. That's usually the case, but today HP just let loose a new 25% off coupon discount. It's a huge and rare t...