Winegard RV Antenna Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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While browsing through the Best TV Antenna options to upgrade your old Winegard antenna, have you stopped to think if there’s a cheaper way to get good reception out of the same old VHF UHF digital TV antenna? Well, the Winegard RV Antenna booster does exactly that. Because it’s just an add-on, we can’t really call it the “Best RV Antenna.” But, it comes close when paired with compatible RV antennas.

Why We Like It – Winegard RV Antenna

If your older Winegard antenna isn’t holding up well, getting this Winegard RV Antenna booster installed really is a great way to pump a new life in it. It supports all digital TV signals in all markets, and it’s fantastic for getting your VHF UHF reception up to 100 percent.

  • Easy installation
  • Powder-coated components
  • Supports HD channels when paired with a Sensar antenna
  • It’s just an add-on for Winegard antennas, can not work on its own


The performance of this Winegard antenna booster is undoubtedly excellent for the price. Once paired with any Winegard RV antenna, it will deliver performance on the level of the King Dish Tailgater Pro, which is much more costly. Winegard advertises 100% VHF UHF reception, and you absolutely do get that.

Ease Of Install

The 4-step installation process of this Winegard RV Digital TV antenna booster is very straightforward & effortless. You don’t even need to screw in anything, as it sports snap-on screws for easy installation. Even the Dish Playmaker VHF UHF digital TV antenna doesn’t have that.


Every single component of this Winegard RV TV antenna is powder-coated, something we can’t say about the GE Pro Outdoor Antenna or pretty much most other RV antennas at this price. And as you might’ve expected, it will last you for years to come.


It is not exactly something that’ll increase the range of your old Winegard antenna. So if you’re hoping to pick up HD channels that are not available in your area, you’re unfortunately out of luck. But, you definitely gotta consider the price point too. A high performance TV antenna like Channel Master Advantage 100 can be a wise choice if you are looking for HD channels as the antenna has a 100 mile range.


RV antennas that come at around ~30-40 bucks don’t exactly perform very well to match a lot of user’s expectations. But, if you’ve already got an old antenna, getting something like this is a much better option, in our opinion.

Winegard RV Antenna Wrap Up

The Winegard RV Antenna signal booster is a fantastic device that works in tandem with your old antennas, reducing waste in the process. If you’re facing problems watching your favorite HD channels due to a weak signal, this signal booster is the solution for that.

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