Reliable Cable Product TV Digital Signal Amplifier Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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You may be thinking that you’re done looking for the Best TV Antenna when you finally buy and install it. But if you live in a more rural community, you might want to check out some of the Best TV Antenna Amplifier too. To this extent, you should give the Reliable Cable Product TV Digital Signal Amplifier a look.

Why We Like It – Reliable Cable Product TV Digital Signal Amplifier

The Reliable Cable Product TV Digital Signal Amplifier is a good starting point for anyone looking to boost their digital TV signal. It has four outputs so you can install it to four TVs or cable boxes, and as long as you read the detailed instructions it should be very easy to install.

  • Gives a TV Signal for up to 4 TVs
  • Meets or Exceeds all SCTE Standards
  • Integrated Equalizer
  • No Word on if 4K is supported
  • Exact Range not Specified


The Reliable Cable Products HDTV Antenna provides one input and four outputs. This means it can reliably connect to up to four cable boxes or TV’s. And even by allowing it to do so, you’ll still receive a good signal and image stability. There’s no word on if it supports 4K, so check out the DrillTop TV Antenna Amplifier if that’s something you want.

Ease of Install

TV Antennas and amplifiers aren’t like they used to be and installing them is pretty simple. For TVs that are far away from the source a coaxial cable runs from the source to the TV, but that’s probably the hardest part of any installation. The Reliable Cable Products is no different. Another easy to install system is the Antronix Four Output Amplifier, so check it out.


At only a single pound the Reliable Cable Products TV Antenna is as small and as out of the way as possible. It also meets or exceeds all SCTE standards. The Self-resetting circuit protection provides safe protection against short-circuits to minimize outage times, and it’s PTC Short-Circuit Protected and UL Listed too. And let’s not forget customer reviews have commented on how well built it is. Only a few antennas weigh less than this model  such as the Mohu Leaf Metro, which weighs a mere 0.8 pounds.


The Amplifier includes an integrated equalizer which varies amplifier gain and the equalizer provides more amplification to high frequency signals which tend to get weaker over long cable runs. There isn’t any data on how far the signal can reach, unfortunately, but customer reviews have commented on how they live 75 miles from a TV Tower and are still able to receive a signal.


The Reliable Cable Products TV Amplifier is incompatible with satellite systems. This isn’t a knock against it. Almost all TV amplifiers in its class, such as the Channel Master Ultra Mini 2 TV Antenna Amplifier, are incopatib;e with satellite signals. It’s just worth mentioning so you don’t accidentally buy it to try and boost your satellite signal.

Reliable Cable Product TV Digital Signal Amplifier Wrap Up

A signal booster can do wonders if you live in a rural community or if you just want more channels than the 25 channel-on-average TV antennas supply (if you live in the city). The Reliable Cable Product TV Digital Signal Amplifier can be this booster for its great image stability and good range.

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