Realistic Ultra soft Beginners Hands free PALOQUETH Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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As number 4 in the best adult toys buying guide, this realistic dildo is flexible enough to allow users to try different angles and positions to see what they are (or aren’t) comfortable with. This dildo can function as a vaginal stimulator, anal/ prostate stimulator, a hands free version of both, and more. For men, be sure to also read our list that details the top prostate massagers.

Why We Like It – Shanice Felton

The Realistic Ultra soft Beginners Hands free PALOQUETH dildo is made of a flexible material and offers an insertable length that isn’t too intimidating for beginners. It’s a simple, yet versatile sex toy that users can experiment with if they’re curious enough to want to try the more insertable types of sex toys.

  • Can be available for free shipping
  • Comes with lubricant
  • Flexible
  • Not made of silicone
  • Capable of deformation


While the Paloqueth G Spot Rabbit Vibrator has the capabilities to satisfy both the g spot and the a spot at the same time, the dildo can only target one spot at a time. However, sex toys like this one have strong suction that allows the user to get creative with how they can setup and use the dildo. All the user has to do is stick the dildo onto a sturdy/ shiny enough surface and it can stay there until removed. If you’re not interested in a penetrative toy, consider the Romp Free Clitoral Stimulator.


This ultra soft dildo has a flared suction cup base that allows the user to use the dildo for hands free play. Unlike the Treediride Vibrating Male Masturbator Cup, it doesn’t vibrate and can be used on male and female anatomy for both solo and couple play. However, some customer reviews say that it’s not as soft as a customer would think, especially due to the veins. There have also been complaints of the dildo deforming (possibly melting) even when stored.


As far as simple sex toys are concerned, it has less ways to be used compared to the Phanxy Silicone Dual Penis Ring, as the penis ring can be worn in about 3 different ways, somewhat distorting its shape depending on how it’s worn. However, the dildo has more versatility as it can bend in different directions, can stick to different surfaces to help the user find more angles to satisfy themselves. The dildo also comes with lubricant that is compatible with the toy due to being a water-based lubricant.

Shanice Felton Wrap Up

Customer reviews from the United States mostly give a 5 star rating with some of them addressing how soft it is or how flexible it is. Before possibly buying this, remember to please enter “water-based lubricant for toys” into Amazon’s search feature in case you don’t like the lubricant it comes with.

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