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How to Stop Gaming Headset Cords from Tugging

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Knowing how to stop gaming headset cords from tugging is paramount for anybody using wired headphones. The location of headphone jacks will determine which method is best for your pair of headphones.


  • First, choose your ideal cable cords management system. The most popular way is to use strategically positioned cable clips.
  • The over-under method works well if you don’t want to use cable clips. Be careful when using it, or you could damage internal components.
  • The best method is to use wireless headphones or a pair with a removable cable to keep the problem from popping up in the first place.

Headphone cords are notorious for tugging, whether using the best gaming headset or a pair of cheap headphones.

Is an Audio Cable Management System Worth Buying?

An audio cable management system saves you the stress of feeling a cable tug every time you move. Cable management can be as simple as using cable clips to keep your gaming headset cord out of the way. Also, knowing where to store a gaming headset when not in use can go a long way in preserving the headset from damage.

Choose your audio cable management system carefully since the wrong cable management method can lead to a loss of sound quality. And if your laptop or computer only has a single-jack connection, you can learn how to set up a gaming headset without a splitter.

How to Stop Gaming Headset Cords From Tugging

Software matters if you’re setting up a pair of headphones to stream. Learning how to set up your gaming headset for OBS software is crucial.

Insider Tip

When purchasing cable clips online, make sure the website uses a secure transaction and provides cable clips in unused condition.

Using Cable Clips for Cable Management


Cable clips are an ideal cable cords management system that protects the internal wires of your audio cable. You can order cable clips online with low shipping charges.


Strategically place the cable clips on your desk, focusing on pulling the audio cable away from your body. Don’t allow the cable clips to pull the audio cable too tightly, or you could damage the audio cable and wind up with low volume levels.


If you’re fearful of cable clips harming the internal components of your audio cable, learn how to take good care of your gaming headset to alleviate them.


Be careful following step-by-step guides on overriding the maximum volume audio settings, or you could harm your ear canal.


How do I find the best cable clips for my headset audio cable?

You can find most answers in the product info for your cable clips. Pay attention to the percentage breakdown by star rating and the return method. If your cable clips don’t work, an excellent return method matters.

Can I protect my wireless earphones from moisture and humidity?

While wireless technology has come a long way, it isn’t infallible. To protect your wireless earphones, do the following:

  • Don’t wear wireless earbuds with wet hair
  • Put them away when walking in the rain

How can I keep my audio cable from twisting and kinking?

The best way to protect yourself from this is by using wireless earphones. Otherwise, make sure to store them correctly to avoid twisted headphone wires.

Why do my earbuds keep breaking?

Twisted headphone wires are one of the biggest reasons a headset cord will stop working. Pulling the headset cord instead of the 90-degree earphone jack is another issue.

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