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Updated July 6, 2022
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The DISH Anywhere app was developed as a companion to the Hopper® Whole-Home HD DVR and offers you the ability to watch live satellite TV directly on your smartphone or tablet. The app has an array of advanced features, including Hopper DVR integration, live streaming, offline viewing, live programming guide, and more. Get a quick lowdown on DISH’s packages here to check if they’re compatible with your tastes and if the app is worth the space on your smartphone. 

Enjoy Live Satellite TV Anywhere?

As a leading provider satellite TV programming, DISH Network provides over 14 million subscribers with the latest in viewing innovations. One of these innovations is the DISH Anywhere app, which allows you to enjoy DISH programming on the go from anywhere. Here are the features in more detail.

Stream TV to Your Mobile Device

The app fully integrates with your DISH Hopper HD DVR with the latest Sling technology to deliver recorded or live streaming TV programs to your mobile device. Whether you’re in the grocery store or on a camping trip, you can use the app to watch the big game or your favorite shows anywhere at any time. The DISH Anywhere also comes with various features designed to take your viewing experience to the next level of convenience and enjoyment.

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How to Download the App

After downloading the app in the iTunes or Google Play store and completing the installation process, you need to link the app to your online DISH account, as is the case with other DISH apps, to begin enjoying the full programming from DISH directly on your mobile device. The app integrates with your Sling-powered Hopper HD DVR, allowing you to watch all of your favorite shows anywhere, anytime.

Standout Features of DISH Anywhere

The DISH Anywhere app offers complete DVR management, allowing you to schedule recordings of your favorite programs, delete shows, manage recording conflicts, and more. When you consider the fact that it supports the streaming of on-demand movies as well, the app truly provides you with everything you need to enjoy the same TV viewing experience you have at home when you’re out and about and on the go, minus the 50-inch TV of course.

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Electronic Programming Guide

In addition to full DVR and on-demand functions, DISH Anywhere also features a fully integrated electronic programming guide, providing you with the ability to view programming schedules up to seven days in advance. It allows you to search for shows, movies, sports, and other programs by titles, keywords, networks, actors, and genres.

Offline Viewing Mode

We are really liking DISH Anywhere’s offline viewing mode, which imports the recorded shows stored on your Hopper HD DVR and saves them in your tablet or smart phone. This means you can watch all of your recordings anywhere you want, even in locations without an Internet connection.

New Features and Updates

In addition to the standard features we listed above, the DISH Anywhere app is constantly updated with new features, such as a recently updated interface, in order to provide users with the most enjoyable viewing experience possible.

Custom Profiles for Each User
For instance, the latest update allows users to make their own profiles and use their profile when watching TV. Every profile contains specific features personalized for each user, including new program recommendations, a recently watched section allowing you to pick up right where you left off, and a programming watch list reminding you of shows and movies you want to watch.


Ability to Personalize Recommendations
These personalization options are particularly helpful in households with varying taste in shows, because each person can enjoy recently viewed shows and recommendations according to their own interests. This makes it ideal for homes with teenagers, roommate situations, and so on. Other new add-ons have also taken place, including a remote function allowing you to control the DISH satellite using the DISH Anywhere app.

Improved Tablet Interface
DISH Anywhere has also been improved for iPads and Android tablets. With a re-designed user interface and new discovery features that allow users to easily find new programs to watch, DISH Anywhere provides one of the best user experiences in the business.


  • Automatic setup
  • Full Hopper HD DVR integration
  • Intuitive programming guide
  • Ability to watch live, recorded, and on-demand programs
  • Built-in search engine


  • Transferring and converting files can take some time
  • Fast Internet connection is needed

Final Thoughts
As the mobile companion to the award-winning Sling-powered Hopper HD DVR, the DISH Anywhere app allows you to enjoy your satellite TV subscription right on your mobile device. Whether you’re shopping for groceries, killing time at the doctor’s office, or embarking on an RV adventure, DISH Anywhere provides you with on-demand entertainment regardless of where you are. With a ton of convenient features and regular updates as well, it’s a must-have app for any DISH subscriber.

If you would like to enjoy the DISH Anywhere app and all that it has to offer, visit and begin enjoying outstanding DISH service today!

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