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DirecTV vs. DISH vs. TIME WARNER: Who’s the Best Provider?

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There are a number of reasons why the three giant competitors in the TV broadcasting industry, DIRECTV vs. DISH vs. TIME WARNER, can be compared to one and other. They each have a subscriber base of over 10 million and have set standards not only in TV broadcasting, but also in other fields like mass communication. These facts make it very perplexing for consumers who are trying choose among them if they need to switch providers. This comparison of DIRECTV vs DISH packages will settle more than a few doubts that you may have in your mind.

Learn which is better dish or directv.

New products and tweaks to their services, features, and packages leave their consumers confused about which service provider is better than the other. If you are a new customer, choosing one of them could even be more confusing because all of the offers are so attractive. Why not put them to the test?

The Face-off: DirecTV vs. DISH vs. TIME WARNER


DIRECTV’s main selling points are based on exclusivity. They have a general entertainment network, dubbed ‘Audience Network,’ exclusive for DIRECTV subscribers. Their subscribers also have exclusive access to sports packages, like the NFL Sunday Ticket or the NASCAR Hot Pass. DIRECTV offers the most HD channels. It also offers more packages to choose from when compared to DISH.

Other outstanding features include:

  • Smart apps
  • Streaming services
  • Live TV on your mobile devices
  • 1 TB hard drive DVR

What makes DIRECTV have a continually growing subscriber base while other HD channels are losing them is what we already mentioned—their exclusivity. They also target audiences who are diehard fans of football. You will pay more to access NFL, but it is worth it. If you spend a lot of time watching football on TV, then you know which company to choose from among the giant providers.

Apart from exclusivity, DIRECTV also offers exceptional quality HD pictures and great sound. Their whole-home DVR, dubbed ‘The Genie,’ is convenient and reliable. You can bundle your home phone, the Internet, and cell phone services via AT&T, saving you a substantial amount of money. You can also watch live and pre-recorded TV on a mobile device. New customers enjoy great deals, apart from free installation. For long-time customers, freebies and discounts will see some significant dollars off rising costs.

The Downsides

  • It is greatly affected by weather and is more likely to go out during rain and windstorms.
  • It is more expensive when compared to DISH
  • It has fewer On-Demand options
  • The DVR has less capacity that DISH’s


DISH provides crisp and clear pictures and superior audio. It has the most channels, and the packages are very affordable. They offer startup packages that are cheaper than those of DIRECTV. New customers enjoy great deals, including free installation. DISH is undoubtedly the cheapest among the three giants. With DISH, you can record up to six TV shows at once.

More outstanding features include:

  • International channels
  • Affordable packages
  • 2TB capacity DVR
  • Remote control locator
  • Internet service

You can also hop through commercials on DVR. DISH also provides ‘Tailgater’ at a cost, a portable satellite that allows you to watch TV anywhere. You need a satellite dish and receiver to access the DISH Network, but you can choose from DVR or non-DVR Receivers. But with a DVR receiver, you can watch your favorite shows whenever you like it.

The Downsides

  • It is also unlikely to weather the storm
  • Lacks some popular channels, like Animal Planet and Bravo. You can only find these in the much more expensive packages.
  • The Tailgater is also expensive
  • There have been a considerable amount of complaints with regard to their customer service


TIME WARNER offers more local channels, as well as home security systems, home phone service, Internet service, and home control systems. Unlike DIRECTV, TIME WARNER can weather the storms.

More Outstanding Features Include:

  • High-quality digital pictures, and more on-demand services.
  • Provides a lot of extras, ranging from remote access systems to manage your lights and thermostats, to carbon monoxide detectors, to alarm systems.
  • The equipment is less cumbersome, and does not require a contract.

TIME WARNER is ideal if you do not want to place a satellite dish on your property, or if you are not allowed to. If you are looking for the most On-Demand programs, then TIME WARNER is your ideal choice. Moreover, if you like the extras, then TIME WARNER takes the crown.

The Downsides

  • Fewer packages
  • More expensive for fewer channels
  • Includes local franchise fees
  • Picture and audio quality are still low when compared to what satellite TV can offer
  • On-screen troubleshooting help is not available
  • You cannot access TIME WARNER if you are in a remote place

All in All

As you can see, as much as the three competitors seem to have almost similar services, each one targets a specific audience. Ultimately, DIRECTV vs. DISH vs. TIME WARNER is not meant to prove that one is better than the other. It is meant to help you, the user, to determine which service meets your needs and fits your preferences.

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