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DirecTV Apps: The Satellite TV Apps that Go Above and Beyond

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If you’re a TV junkie who simply can’t miss a single episode of your favorite show, DIRECTV apps will make your life a lot easier. Why? Because it’s likely that there have been many times when you missed you favorite show. And then wished that you could have viewed those episodes from your mobile phone instead, right?

Well, the old dish network vs direct tv debate just got more interesting.

You’ll be glad to know that DirecTV addresses this problematic situation. They go above and beyond for your ultimate convenience. For one, it’s not your average TV provider that requires you to make a one-time payment. Or one that makes you complete a tedious survey in order to view a specific show. Instead, it implements uniquely designed apps so you can get your fix.

How does DirecTV do this?

The apps they provide actually complement your TV experience. One of its highlights, for instance, is that it allows users to connect their TV to a mobile device through DIRECTV mobile apps. So, once you have properly set up your TV with the DIRECTV app, you can be certain that you’d get nothing less than the best TV experience to fit your present-day lifestyle.

Never Miss Out on Popular Films and TV Shows with “On-Demand”

Well-known TV channels like HBO and Cinemax, to name a few, can be accessed through DirecTV’s On Demand satellite tv feature. You can utilize this anytime through the app. With the On-Demand app, you can watch live broadcasts of your favorite programs on your smartphone or tablet. If you’ve been following a popular show closely, this is a great way for you to stay up-to-date with the most recent episodes. The same goes for movies.

But DirecTV offers more than just that. With the On Demand platform, you’re also able to pause a program that you’re watching and resume it on any mobile device of your choosing. Although this feature only applies for previously released episodes, nonetheless, it’s certainly perfect for your regular TV series binges.

Use Your Mobile Device as a Remote

DirecTV apps do more than help you watch shows. They also have technology that allows you to convert your iPad or iPhone into a remote control. Rewind, play, or pause any program with your mobile device, and experience the refreshing difference between using the app on your iPad or iPhone, and using your standard remote.

GenieGO Lets You Record the Shows You’ve Missed

There’s nothing more frustrating than not having the capability to watch the live broadcast of your favorite TV show’s latest episode. Especially if it’s one of those must-see episodes. GenieGO addresses this common issue by allowing you to record the program of your liking, with the help of an HD DVR. The DirecTV app, again, goes one further. You’re also able to download the TV shows or movies you’ve already recorded to any of your connected devices, and watch them on the go.

Additional DirecTV Apps and the NFL Sunday Ticket App

The DirecTV app also goes past standard TV programming. They offer features such as the capability to check the weather in your area by using DirecTV’s complementary weather app. Are you a fan of Pandora radio stations too? Well, you can also tune in anytime through your television. A social media function is also available through DirecTV apps. And you can use this function to share your feedback on the show or movie you’re watching with your friends on Facebook.

And for the football enthusiast, you may delight in the fact that DIRECTV also has an NFL Sunday Ticket app. With this app you’ll always be in the know of the latest games, player stats, as well as the most recent scores. If you want to watch the games live, you should make the most of the app’s support for the Red Zone Channel. With the Red Zone Channel, you can connect the app in order to take part in the exciting thrills of live football action.

To sum it up, with the power of DIRECTV apps, you’ll practically be able to turn your mobile device into your own TV paradise. It’s certainly bound to change the way you watch TV so much so that you’ll never want to use any other provider.

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