Best Fabric Gaming Chairs in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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Why would a gamer choose a fabric gaming chair over more traditional models upholstered in faux or genuine leather? One of the biggest reasons is comfort. Everyone knows what it’s like to feel like you’re sticking to your chair because you’re sweaty and warm. A fabric upholstered chair won’t do that to you.

Additionally, fabric gaming chairs come in several styles, giving you more variety so that you can find a chair that better suits your tastes. And this can be especially helpful if you’re not a fan of traditional-style gaming chairs and want something that blends in better with your home’s decor. Keep reading to know why this is one of your best gaming chairs.

Top Fabric Gaming Chairs

 #1   GTRACING High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is an excellent pick for anyone who needs an easily adjustable seat. It’s got a removable headrest and lower back pillow and can withstand a weight of up to 300 pounds.

  • Very easy to assemble
  • Removable headrest and lower back pillow
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • No padding on armrests

The Gtracing Gaming Chair delivers exquisite comfort for pro gamers thanks to its ergonomic design and soft fabric surface. The gaming chair has a strong metal frame that can support a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds and comes with a seat cushion to offer optional lumbar support. The gaming chair has a thick padded back seat and a headrest pillow that users can remove. It also has adjustable armrests and features a high-density cushion for comfortable seating. However, its armrests have no padding.

Available in up to five different color trims, the Gtracing gaming chair is sure to keep gamers comfortable throughout their gaming sessions, and with smooth rolling casters, it boasts great stability and mobility. The chair can swivel 360° and recline from 90° to 170°. Its seat has an adjustable height of between 15.75 to 19.68 inches, and since it is relatively easy to assemble, it’ll only take up to 20 minutes to put together.

 #2  Corsair T3 Rush Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is very easy to assemble, and has armrests that can be adjusted up, down, left, and right. Its polyurethane fabric is also soft and breathable.

  • Very easy to assemble
  • Memory foam for lumbar support
  • Soft and breathable polyurethane fabric
  • Armrests are not padded

The Corsair T3 is a premium gaming chair with a soft, breathable fabric, a padded neck cushion, and a memory foam lumbar support to help users maintain an upright position. The chair also has smooth rolling caster wheels for easy and noiseless movement across the room, and with four-directional adjustable armrests, users will be able to adjust their seating for the most comfortable position when gaming. Unfortunately, the armrests do not have any padding.

The gaming chair also has ventilation holes positioned around the headrest for cooling and supports an adjustable seat height of up to 100mm. The seat can accommodate a weight of up to 264 pounds and is available in up to four different color trims. It is made of breathable polyurethane material and is also very easy to assemble.

 #3   Atelerix Ventris Ergonomic Adjustable Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is easy to adjust and has removable back support for users who might not need it. Its arm support is also padded.

  • Has removable back support
  • Has padded armrests
  • Armrests are easy to adjust
  • Tilting mechanism has issues

The Atelerix Ventris is a comfortable, well-padded gaming chair with an ergonomic design. Its material is made up of a combination of breathable mesh fabrics, and its armrest comes with soft padding for extra comfort. Users can also remove the padding on its armrests, and since the armrests can be moved up, down, left or right, their positioning can be customized down to the user’s preference. Unfortunately, some users have complained about its tilting mechanism.

The chair is height adjustable to a distance of about 4 inches, and its seating area is approximately 20.5 inches wide. It weighs about 38 pounds and can accommodate a weight of up to 260 pounds. Users can also opt to remove the chair’s lumbar support if their lower back does not need any cushioning, and its caster wheels are molded to ensure that they stay quiet whenever someone moves around the room.

 #4   Okeysen Fabric Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: It features a retractable footrest, as well as a removable headrest and lumbar support. It also has a thick seat cushion and adjustable armrests.

  • Retractable footrest
  • Breathable fabric surface
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Tilting mechanism does not have a locking function

The Okeysen gaming chair is a comfortable, ergonomic chair available in four different color trims. It also has a removable lumbar cushion for those with no lower back issues. Its seating area has a waterfall design to facilitate blood flow to the legs and is also 4.7 inches thick for extra comfort. It is covered by a breathable fabric surface and has silent, smooth-rolling caster wheels for quiet movement around the room. Unfortunately, it can not be tilted and locked in a particular position.

Despite that, it easily reclines and has a seat height that can be adjusted by about four inches. It also has a rocking function that makes it very unique, and its sturdy steel frame allows it to support a weight of up to 330 pounds. Its armrests are easy to adjust, and since it comes with a retractable footrest, users will be able to lean back fully and relax their feet whenever they want to take a break from work or gaming.

 #5   Giantex 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: Its backseat can easily be changed into different seating positions. It is also easy to fold and has armrests.

  • Made out of breathable textile material
  • Backrest can be adjusted in up to six different positions
  • Does not require assembly
  • Armrests are not adjustable

The Giantex 360-degree swivel chair is perfect for floor use as a lounge or gaming chair. It has a sturdy iron frame for good support, and its backrest can be adjusted in up to six different positions. The chair is available in four other color trims and is made out of foldable textile material. It has a high backrest to support users and is easy to fold for storage when not in use. Its mesh fabric offers excellent breathability, and since it is filled with a very soft sponge inside, it feels very comfortable to sit on. Unfortunately, its armrests are not adjustable.

One significant advantage of the Giantex chair is that it will not require any assembly. It comes ready to use, and although its armrests are not adjustable, they are padded to allow for comfortable sitting. The seat can be reclined back and its backrest adjusted in up to six different positions, and its swivel base will allow users to turn around in any direction.

 #6   AJS Ergonomic Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: It suits the workplace and home well. It has a breathable fabric that’ll keep users comfortable for extended seating hours and is also very easy to assemble.

  • Very easy to assemble
  • Breathable fabric
  • Padded armrests
  • Backrest cannot be reclined
  • No lumbar support

The AJS ergonomic chair is a comfortable alternative that can be used either as a gaming or office chair. It has the looks that’ll fit in well in both environments and is well padded for maximum comfort. The chair is available in blue, red, green, or white trim and is very easy to assemble. Its armrests are fixed and padded, and its seat height can be adjusted through a range of about four inches. The chair’s fabric surface is also very breathable, but unfortunately, its backrest cannot be reclined, and it does not have any lumbar support.

The chair can accommodate a weight capacity of up to 220 pounds, and since it has very smooth rolling casters, users will be able to move around their work or gaming space without causing any noise. It also has a rocking function that’ll have it move from 90° to 120° and a seat height adjustment allowance of about four inches.

Beginner’s Guide to Fabric Gaming Chairs

What is a Fabric Gaming Chair?

A fabric gaming chair is simply a gaming chair that’s upholstered in fabric as compared to genuine leather or faux leather options like bonded leather or PU leather. You can often find fabric gaming chairs that look exactly like traditional wheeled gaming chairs. Or you can opt for a model that looks more like a sophisticated executive gaming chair. They have some differences from the finest Haworth office chairs, but not many. 

Like other gaming chairs, fabric gaming chairs offer better features such as deeper recline ranges, adjustable armrests, a fully padded backrest with enhanced lumbar support, and adjustable lumbar and headrest pillows, or even a footrest if you prefer. These chairs are designed to function as you would expect in a traditional gaming chair, just with softer upholstery. You might be interested in the best bean bag chair for gaming if you love bean bags.

Fabric Gaming Chairs vs. Gaming Chairs

The only difference between a fabric gaming chair and other gaming chairs is the upholstery. If you dislike feeling sweaty while you sit for extended periods, or the stereotypical sound of peeling yourself off of a leather chair, then you’ll appreciate that a fabric-upholstered gaming chair won’t do that.

Because many fabric gaming chairs are designed to be exactly like leather, except for the upholstery, they’re practically identical in functionality. And just like with other leather or faux leather gaming chairs, you can find fabric gaming chairs that are designed to sit low or on the floor.

One major advantage of a fabric gaming chair over traditional leather gaming chairs is that the fabric upholstery can help to reduce the cost. This is a great advantage for people who are trying to buy a gaming chair on a budget.

However, the only downside of a fabric gaming chair is that the upholstery can show wear faster than with leather or faux leather picks. Because of this, you may find that you’ll need to replace these chairs more frequently — even if all of the other features like recline, tilt/rock, and lumbar support are still in good shape.

How Fabric Gaming Chairs Work

Fabric gaming chairs work just like standard gaming chairs. The only difference is that you now have soft upholstery as opposed to genuine or faux leather. If you pick a fabric gaming chair with a deep recline angle, adjustable armrests, adjustable lumbar and headrest pillows, and caster wheels, you’ll still be able to use all of those features just as you would on a leather gaming chair.

However, keeping the upholstery clean will be a different experience. Whereas with leather or faux leather, you can simply use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of your chair clean, you’ll need to invest in a good fabric cleaner. Most fabric chairs must be spot cleaned.

So, you’ll need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care and maintenance best practices. Although, it’s a good idea to invest in a stain-repellent spray to help pre-treat your fabric gaming chair so that you can preserve the upholstery and extend your chair’s lifespan.

If you love comfort, try the best gaming chair for PS4, which is designed specifically to make your gaming experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Why You Should Buy a Fabric Gaming Chair

Not all gamers want leather or leather-like gaming chairs. If this sounds like you, there are plenty of reasons why a fabric gaming chair would be a better choice than more traditional leather models.

Are Fabric Gaming Chairs Worth Buying?

You Dislike Leather Chairs: Leather is nice, but it’s not for everyone. And especially if you play games for extended periods, leather chairs aren’t always breathable — no matter how comfortable they are.

You Tend to Sweat A Lot: Again, leather chairs and sweat don’t mix. While sweat won’t necessarily damage a leather chair, it certainly won’t feel good while you’re sitting. You’re less likely to experience a slippery chair when it’s upholstered in fabric.

You Prefer Softer Upholster: Along the same lines, leather is nice, but it can be hard. A fabric-upholstered gaming chair can be a nice upgrade if you prefer something softer. After all, you don’t want to be uncomfortable during your hours of gaming.

Why Fabric Gaming Chairs May Not Be for You

You Dislike Having to Frequently Clean Your Chair’s Upholstery: You can get away with less maintenance with a darker fabric gaming chair. But a light-colored fabric chair will need to be frequently cleaned to keep it from looking dirty.

You Prefer Leather: Leather is a classic choice for gaming chairs. And if you prefer that look, a fabric gaming chair might not be the best option for you.

You Don’t Want to Frequently Replace Your Chair: With proper care, fabric gaming chairs can last for quite a while. But fabric can show wear and tear faster than leather or even faux leather upholstery. So, you may find that you need to replace your chair because it looks too worn or beat up. This is an especially strong possibility, even if you use a Boss Office Products Perfect Posture Delux fabric task chair, as this chair is likely to wear out faster.

How Long Will Fabric Gaming Chairs Last?

Most gaming chairs are designed to last between two to five years — even for fabric gaming chairs. However, this also depends on the chair you pick and how you treat it. We can’t stress enough that fabric upholstered gaming chairs may not last as long simply because fabric tends to show wear and tear faster than leather and faux leather models.

If you’re trying to get the most mileage out of your fabric gaming chair, we recommend picking a darker color that won’t show dirt as easily. Additionally, avoid wearing items that might rub against the upholstery and damage it over time — such as pants with studded back pockets, or letting your keys rub against the upholstery surface.

Meanwhile, you still need to keep in mind that other features can impact the lifespan of your fabric gaming chair. For example, failing to pay attention to weight ratings, being rough as you recline in your chair or adjust the height and armrests, or being aggressive in your chair can all work to increase the frequency with which you need to replace your chair.

And again, while fabric upholstery can make a gaming chair cheaper than its leather counterpart, quality matters. If you’re trying to get five years out of your chair, don’t pick the cheapest thing you find online. Take the time to look for fabric gaming chairs made from quality materials so that you get the most longevity out of them. Also, remember that a fabric chair is subject to pests like any other fabric furniture. If you happen to get bed bugs, follow our guide on how to remove bed bugs from a gaming chair as you clean everything else.

How to Choose the Best Fabric Gaming Chairs

If you have your heart set on a fabric gaming chair, then you need to make sure you’re prioritizing the right features so that you get the best that your hard-earned money can buy. While fabric gaming chairs are pretty similar to leather or faux leather gaming chairs, a few factors will impact your chair’s longevity.

Fabric Gaming Chairs Key Factors to Consider

1. What color upholstery do you want?

Hands down, the color you choose is also going to impact how quickly your fabric gaming chair shifts from brand new to looking like it’s been loved a bit too much. Darker upholstery shades will do a better job of hiding dirt and use. Meanwhile, lighter shades will require more upkeep to ensure they look fresh. Just like leather chairs, chair models offer a wide range of color options in fabric. Also, like their leather counterparts, a lot will use the same ergonomic racing-style seat you see in many of our favorite gaming chairs.

2. What type of fabric do you want?

Just like leather gaming chairs, fabric gaming chairs come in a variety of versions. You can opt for microsuede (a faux suede made from fabric), mesh, cotton, or plush upholstery. Mesh fabric tends to be the most durable for fabrics, while microsuede has a great hand feel.

3. How much weight can your chair support?

Along with upholstery, picking a chair that’s not rated to support your weight is a great way to reduce longevity. Always check the weight recommendations. Most gaming chairs will support at least 250 pounds. But people who fall into the big and tall category should look for chairs that support up to 350 pounds. And in some cases, you can find chairs that support up to 400 pounds.

4. What kind of gaming chair style do you prefer?

Just like leather chairs, fabric gaming chairs come in a variety of styles. While you can find the traditional overstuffed styles with headrests, deep reclines, and adjustable armrests, you can also opt for floor chairs, rockers, and even opt for an executive chair with fabric upholstery.

5. Do you want a footrest?

A footrest on your fabric gaming chair isn’t required — unless you want a deeper recline range. Once you go beyond a 130 or 140-degree recline range, getting a footrest is essential to ensure that you’re not impacting blood flow when you’re reclining in your chair.

6. Do you want massage support?

Not all gaming chairs come with built-in massagers. But it’s a nice touch — especially if you spend extended periods in your chair. Whether you use your chair to play games, watch television, or work at a desk, a nice massager that can give you a break can be a great feature to have.

7. How many adjustments do you want?

If you opt for a more traditional gaming chair style, you might have features such as seat height adjustment, adjustable armrests, and adjustable lumbar and headrest pillows. Learn how to attach lumbar support to a gaming chair to ensure you get the benefits from it. Whereas a rocker, bean bag, or floor chair may only support simple reclines.

8. Do you want a connected chair?

You can find fabric gaming chairs similar to leather chairs that support Bluetooth connectivity. In some cases, this means speaker or device connections so you can play music through your chair. More serious gaming chairs may support console connectivity.

9. Do you want built-in storage?

Again, not all gaming chairs offer additional storage. But in some cases, you can find chairs with nice features like cup holders, or side pockets to hold controllers, remotes, or even your phone can be a nice way to make your sitting experience more comfortable.

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