Homall Gaming Chair Review

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Updated December 7, 2022
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Ranked as the number #1 best seller in video game chairs on Amazon, the Homall gaming chair is one of the most popular high-back PU leather gaming chairs in the market. It is available in a wide range of color trims and is pretty comfortable to sit in. A lot of people would even argue that it compares pretty well to the best gaming chair you can get for the same budget, but would it make the cut for anyone hoping to get a chair that would also work well in an office setting? Make sure you get to the end of this Homall gaming chair review to find out whether or not it could be among the best console gaming chairs for you to consider.

Why We Like It – Homall Gaming Chair

The Homall Gaming Chair is a perfect example of what a decent, affordably priced gaming chair has to offer, and with a maximum weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, you can be sure that the chair is of premium build quality. For a similar chair, read our GTracing gaming chair review.

  • Includes both a headrest & lumbar pillow
  • Tilt locking mechanism
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Non-adjustable armrests


The racing-style design of the Homall Gaming chair will offer you all the support you would need to help you maintain a correct posture even as you game. It also comes with both a headrest pillow and a lumbar cushion that are very easy to move around, so you’ll get more than enough support for your lower back in case you tend to suffer from problems with your spine. All in all, the Homall gaming chair is a much better option compared to the Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair in regards to lumbar support, so go for it if that’s what you need. You can also use the tilt function to get more support and comfort and if you have never used a tilting chair before, be sure to read our article on how do you tilt gaming chair.


Comfort is very important, especially if you’re the kind of person that spends long hours seated down. Like its cousin, the Homall gaming recliner, the Homall chair embraces an ergonomic design to keep your back well supported, and with a seat that boasts of a waterfall design, you’ll be assured of continued blood flow to your feet so that you’ll avoid getting tired too quickly. Its high-density shaping foam feels great sitting on, and unlike the Nitro Concepts S300 gaming chair, it’s got a 5-star base with smooth caster wheels that allow for easy mobility across the room.


The high-quality Homall gaming and office chair feature adjustable armrests that allow you to set the seat according to how you best see fit, and despite it not having a retractable footrest like the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair, the desk chair is still pretty comfortable to sit in. You’ll be able to lower the backrest down to 180 degrees, and since the seat is height adjustable, you’ll be able to raise or lower the seat height for an adjustable height of up to 4 inches.


As you might know, any high-quality PU leather gaming chair will likely not have breathability that’s as good as that of a mesh chair. This is especially true of the big and tall leather chairs you’ll find in big offices, but for a racing-style gaming chair, the issue is mitigated by the two air vents you’ll find just below the headrest. If the vents aren’t enough to keep you cool, read our tips on how to stop sweat on a gaming chair to see if they help. For comparison, you can check out our Jummico gaming chair review and see which is best for you.


There’s a lot of genuine value to be gotten from a good quality gaming chair like the chair Homall. The chair features a heavy-duty base that can handle up to 300 pounds in weight, and is available in a wide range of different colors to choose from. A 1-year warranty backs the chair, but you should expect it to last a very long time before you start seeing any signs of wear and tear.

Homall Gaming Chair Wrap Up

As we hope you have seen in this Homall chair review, there’s a lot that the Homall chair high back has to offer, and at a price of about $140, it’s definitely being sold at a bargain. Go ahead and hop over to its Amazon page to see what some people had to say about it – you might be impressed.

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