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Updated March 6, 2023

90-inch TVs require a significant investment. You are dealing with monster panels stuffed with the latest large-screen technologies to suit your viewing tastes.  Whether you want a smart HD TV or one with 4K UHD resolution, it comes down to finding that sweet spot between the features and the price. That is how you get to select a good option among the best TVs.

With advanced graphics processors and the latest technical image formats, content quality has improved significantly. And that’s why most TVs seem to be offering the same thing at a different price, but it’s not that simple.

We stripped down 12 large screen TVs, researching their real-life performance, and finding out their benefit-to-price aspect. Our testing narrowed down to three main features, resolution, color reproduction, and smart apps and services.

Our Winner

After careful consideration, our favorite model is Samsung 88-Inch Ultra HD Smart. It is at the center of crisp, clear content while being thin and light. This 4k ultra HD TV boasts a 240Hz refresh rate, Quantum Dot technology, and a wide array of smart features.

Not to mention, it boasts over a billion colors with a no-bezel screen to bring you fluid imagery with 100% color volume. It looks sleek in the modern-contemporary home whether you are a millennial or have to keep up with family and business. You can sit in front of this TV and savor every moment in its beautiful colors that make life awesome.

Our #1 Pick is the Samsung Electronics QN88Q9FAMFXZA 88-Inch
6 Reviews
Our #1 Pick is the Samsung Electronics QN88Q9FAMFXZA 88-Inch
This TV stands as a high-value model owing to its extensive investment in smart features and viewing technologies. It offers fantastic picture quality for viewing from any seat in your living room.

90-Inch TVs Brands & Market Growth

Jumbo-size TVs will continue to take shape for most shoppers in 2023.  We expect to see more people go for super-size sets as prices continue to come down. But not all 90-inch TV will be affordable. As technology is beefed up, the entry of the first 8K set will definitely be super-sized, not that we need such high pixels now, but it is happening.

The major players in this market include Samsung, Sharp, Sony, and Hisense. These brands have endeared themselves to adding value like smart features and 4K imagery. With a shift for the bigger and better, this industry continues to grow at a 1% annual rate and will sell over 50 million pieces in 2023. For a slightly smaller TV size, check the best 70-inch TV guide.

Top 90-Inch TVs

 #1  Samsung Electronics QN88Q9FAMFXZA, Smart 88-Inch LED TV: Best in Picture Performance

Our #1 Pick is the Samsung Electronics QN88Q9FAMFXZA 88 Inch LED smart TV
6 Reviews
Our #1 Pick is the Samsung Electronics QN88Q9FAMFXZA 88 Inch LED smart TV
This TV stands as a high-value model owing to its extensive investment in smart features and viewing technologies. It offers fantastic picture quality for viewing from any seat in your living room.
  • Attractive Design: 5/5
  • Smart Features: 5/5
  • Processing Power: 4/5
  • Picture Performance:5/5


  • Boundless 360 design
  • Edge-lit LED backlighting
  • Supports Dolby surround sound
  • Offers full access to apps and web browser
  • 4k ultra HD Smart led TV 


  • It has only one year of warranty
  • It is a bit heavy at 164 pounds
  • The sticker is tough to remove

Enjoy a billion shades of color on QLED with Samsung’s QN88Q9FAMFXZA Smart LED TV. It is not just a large screen as it offers the best imagery thanks to its 100% color volume and elite contrast. It brings the home theatre experience with stunning detail, deep shades of black, and a bright view in the darkest rooms. Has 3 USB ports and HDMI connections. For a cheaper option, consider the Samsung un85ju7100 85inch 4K HD Smart LED TV.

As our top pick, we would have expected 100% perfection, but there is a bit of light bleeding because they use active LED backlighting. The best OLED TVs may be worth a look if this bothers you.

 #2  Sharp LC-90LE657U 90-Inch Aquos: Cheapest 90-Inch TV

Our #2 Pick is the Sharp LC-90LE657U Aquos HD 1080p 120HD LED 3D Smart TV
29 Reviews
Our #2 Pick is the Sharp LC-90LE657U Aquos HD 1080p 120HD LED 3D Smart TV
Sharp LC-90LE657U brings a monster TV without being imposing. It even has a wallpaper mode to blend in with your décor when it’s powered off.
  • Attractive Design: 3/5
  • Smart Features: 4/5
  • Processing Power: 4/5
  • Picture Performance:4/5


  • SmartCentral menu system
  • Built-in web browser
  • It has active 3D
  • Delivers smooth fast-action scenes
  • Offers split-screen viewing
  • HD 1080p 120hz 3D Smart LED TV


  • It has a thick bezel
  • It is not a 4K model
  • Film mode performs poorly with Blu-Ray discs and DVDs

It’s horrid when a game you like is competing with streaks on your TV. That’s why Sharp goes from 120Hz refresh rates to an incredible 240Hz for smooth motions. From surfing to football, car racing, and even air games, you can say goodbye to the blur that spoils the mood.

Sharp LC-90LE657U is all in with AquoMotion 240, optical picture control, and Aquos advanced pixel structure to bring perfect picture possibilities. It comes in a slim, lightweight design that won’t feel off when mounted on the wall. We only wish it did not lose color saturation when viewing it from an angle. Apart from the Sharp 90-inch Aquos HD 1080p 120hz Tv, other models from Sharp include Sharp lc90le745 90inch TV, Sharp PNLE901 best 90-inch TV, and Sharp PN-LE901 class 1920×1080 Commercial LCD HDTV Display with Wall Mount. The best streaming movies are going to look amazing on this.

 #3  Hisense 100-Inch Smart Laser TV: Best Laser-Based TV

Our #3 Pick is the Hisense 100inch 4K Ultra HD Smart
11 Reviews
Our #3 Pick is the Hisense 100inch 4K Ultra HD Smart
Hisense fulfills its TV ambitions by being less of a projector and more of a TV. It works great in both brightly-lit and dark rooms.
  • Attractive Design: 5/5
  • Smart Features: 4/5
  • Processing Power: 4/5
  • Picture Performance:4/5


  • 3000 brightness lumens
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Excellent light output
  • Wide color gamut
  • Built-in TV tuner


  • Its smart interface is not the most straightforward
  • Its app system does not offer Hulu
  • Customer support could be better

The Hisense 100-Inch Smart Laser TV has the power to transform your living space into a cinema. It has laser technology that is capable of producing impressive colors, bright views in sunrooms, and immersive imagery in the dark. You get 110W of Harman Kardon sound, dual-band Wi-Fi, and Alexa voice controls.

It connects you to the world of premium TV viewing with nothing but practical functions for home and business. But Hisense could do better to include a wall mode so that it’s not a black hole once you turn it off. You may be better off with the best smart tv.

 #4  Samsung UN85JU7100 JU7 100 Series 85-Inch: Best Flat Screen

Our #4 Pick is the Samsung UN85JU7100 JU7 100 Series 4K Smart TV
This TV is ready for the future. Its 4K UHD resolution combined with a quad-core processor, Vibrant PurColor Technology, and 240Hz motion rate are features that come at a commendable price.
  • Attractive Design: 4/5
  • Smart Features: 4/5
  • Processing Power: 5/5
  • Picture Performance:4/5


  • Fluid processing of commands
  • It has SmartView mobile streaming
  • Contrast enhancing technology
  • Has a touch-sensitive pointer button


  • Keys are not backlit on the remote
  • It has active 3D but does not include 3D glasses
  • The base does not come installed on the TV

There’s always that perfect movie to end the weekend in style. What’s even more perfect is to watch the drama unfold in blacker blacks, crisp details, graceful contrast, and brightly illuminated pictures. Samsung UN85JU7100 captures your imagination while bringing smart possibilities all on one screen.

Tizen is still a bit buggy on this TV, a function we would like to see improved in future versions. Still, this would be a great TV to fill even the best tv wall mounts.

 #5  Sony XBR85X850F 85-Inch: Best for Live Streaming

Our #5 Pick is the 4K HDR, Sony XBR85X850F 85-Inch
Sony XBR85X850F does not require an annual contract to enjoy hundreds of live channels. With Android TV it’s all about live sports, news, and events without hidden costs.
  • Attractive Design: 4/5
  • Smart Features: 4/5
  • Processing Power: 3/5
  • Picture Performance:3/5


  • Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
  • 4K picture quality
  • Extra colors with TRILUMINOS display
  • Supports HDR gaming
  • Excellent viewing angle for a large room


  • Cable management is basic
  • It blotches blacks
  • It has a plastic housing

Perfect for a movie or gaming room, the Sony XBR85X850F gives you the easiest controls using your voice. You can now ask Alexa to play movies, provide you with weather updates, check local news, and control other appliances in your home.

With HDR gaming on your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4, Pro gives you an immersive experience. If only it has localized dimming to get the blacks darker.

Best 90-Inch TV Buyers Guide

Features to consider when buying a 90-inch TV.

Screen Technology

  • The three main screen technologies include LED, OLED, and QLED. LED TVs are bright, lightweight, and energy efficient. They have LED backlighting which makes them achieve high picture quality at a budget price. In addition, the best time to buy a TV is usually around the end of the year holidays.
  • OLED TVs bring accuracy and high contrast in their vibrant colors. These TVs have a realistic motion with faster refresh rates to prevent motion blur. Their pixels light up independently, meaning you get more accurate details. OLED TVs are also slim and lightweight.
  • When it comes to QLED TVs, they are energy efficient. They deliver bright, vibrant, diverse, and rich colors with the help of quantum dot technology. They can deliver up to 100% color volume and pictures with a high dynamic range. And, as you’ll see in our TCL 5-series 50 Inch review, this unit is a great example of a QLED TV.
  • We now have premium 98inch class 4k ultra HD 3D TVs (Lg 98ub9800 98inch Class 4K), 85inch 4k ultra HD smart laser TVs, 4k ultra HD 3d smart  LEDTVs, and ultra HD smart led TVs.
  • While not mentioned, plasma TVs can create extremely wide viewing angles, better than many LED TVs can. So, if you want great viewing angles, you’ll want to know how to choose the finest plasma TV.

Screen Resolution

  • Don’t go for 1080p if you want a future-proofed TV, even if they may be the more inexpensive models. The best 90-inch TVs are at least 4K TVs, but their prices are hefty for the average consumer in exchange for the crisp color accuracy and overall image quality. You can even skip to 8K if the price range is not an inhibitor for you. Only you won’t enjoy 8K content just yet, check out our comparison of 4K to 8K to learn more. Also, you should remember the higher the resolution the more power your TV will use as well so you may want to follow some energy-saving tips for television if you are energy-conscious.

Refresh Rate

  • 60Hz is the standard refresh rate in most TVs. Combined with interpolation to give the illusion of higher refresh rates, you can enjoy a fast-action movie without split images. Interpolation is not good for games and should be avoided in high-end TVs. Instead, go for at least 120Hz or 240Hz for the best game-watching experience. Spot fake 120Hz rates in your 4K TV.

Look for a Smart TV

  • It’s rare to find a monster TV that is not smart. You should look for an easy-to-use layout for the most straightforward streaming experience. Smart TV platforms include LG’s WebOS, Google’s Android TV, SmartCast, and Samsung’s Tizen. Some of these include smart TV features like the LG TV Magic Cursor, voice assistants like the Google Assistant on Google TVs, etc.
  • Each of these smart platforms has its benefits and drawbacks.


  • From sound speakers to wall mounts and stands, accessories give you a wholesome viewing experience. Don’t forget to consider the accessories needed for your specific 90-inch TV. For instance, the best tv antenna helps with local channels.
  • Before you undertake mounting a large-screen TV, it’s important that you prep yourself to avoid frustrations.
  • Plus, you’ll want to make sure there are plenty of ports if you’re learning how to connect a DVD player to a TV.

FAQs for 90 Inch TVs

If you are going to shell out thousands of dollars, it’s better if you know how long to expect with a particular panel technology. As we said, LED, QLED, and OLED are the most common technologies.
Although we have not reviewed OLED TVs, you can expect up to 100,000 hours of true picture quality and brightness. After that, the TV starts to degrade in quality. That’s around 11 years which is the same as that of LED TVs. The best way to keep your LED TV functioning is to tune down the contrast settings.
QLED TVs are expected to last up to eight years in good condition before they start to degrade.

Weight only matters when it comes to wall mounting the TV. For one, you will want the mount to safely support massive weights up to 190 pounds on some TVs like Sony XBR85X850F. Ensure that the mount you pick is VESA compatible with the hole pattern. In Sony’s case, 400mm x 400mm. This also applies to most 80inch TVs and 100inch TVs.

For 3D enthusiasts, buying a TV with active 3D is a big deal. Although your TV will convert content to 3D, it is not as convincing as real 3D content. You can get 3D videos from YouTube, PlayStation 4 and 4 Pro, which can play 3D Blu-Ray movies, or 3D media files from a computer. If you are focused on getting a Full HD Tv, check out our recommendations in the best 1080p TV guide.

Depending on the smart platform, adding apps is pretty much the same process. Well, unless you are using SmartCast. For Tizen, SmartCentral, WebOS, and Android TV, either install the desired app from a list of preselected apps or search for the app and then click install.
You must set up an account before adding an app using any of the above platforms.

Many large-screen TVs come with four HDMI ports. The important thing to consider is the number of devices you need to connect and room for expansion.
Say you have a set-top box, Blu-Ray player, and a gaming system, four HDMI ports are ideal for your setup. It eliminates the need to unplug devices or look for cable splitters when you want to use a device briefly.

Wrapping up

The best thing about 90-inch TVs is that you can watch from any distance without compromising immersive viewing. On top of that, you get smart features, brilliant imagery, and faster load-up times. You only need to be prepared with a sound system since, as TVs become bigger and slimmer, they have room for two or four speakers with a rating of 20W to 60W sound output. Of course, if these TVs are a little too large for your space, you can always check out our guide on the best 80-inch TV to see if it will fit your needs better.

So, if you’re ready to start shopping for TVs, start with our lists of high-end curved TVs and the top-rated 65-inch TVs. Moreover, you’ll also want to compare brands, which you can get started with our mashup of LG TV vs Hisense.

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