You can never take what’s on The Onion too seriously. The parody news site is great for a few laughs given their satiric content is meant to poke fun at whatever’s trending in society at the moment. Their special “Tech Trends” session is one of our faves and we’ve rounded out a few of their funnest tech-related videos. Which one is your favorite? (Word to the wise: some of them are NSFW, so beware when watching them!)

8. New Video Game


Games are violent and The Onion is taking it a step further with their commentary on a new game that consist of shooting people in the face. We’d play it!

7. Google’s Targeted Ads During Phone Calls


Here’s a funny one  about Google’s targeted ads during phone calls. So Google will pick up on your conversation and then play back ads based on whatever your conversation was about.

6. Netflix’s Most Popular Function


Turns out Netflix has a popular function – the scroll endlessly plan, because you know, we all do it. This plan will cost five dolls a month and allows you to scroll endlessly through their titles. Of course, we all relate to this because many of us spend way too much time browsing titles instead of actually watching a movie.

5. Apple Introduces New Laptop


It seems Apple has introduced a revolutionary new laptop – the MacBook Wheel! You can accomplish everyday tasks with a few dozen spins and clicks of a wheel. It does away with the keyboard and instead features a click wheel, making typing a thing of the past. It couldn’t be simpler with everything just “a few hundred clicks away!”

4. Wearable Computer Gives You Pleasure


This one is hilarious only because the way technology is evolving so fast, this just might be a device popping up in the near future. The “new” Samsung Apex is a wearable computing device that streams video in one eye, Internet into the hotter and can provide oral pleasure all at the same time.

3. New Cloud Service From HP


New cloud technology from HP is supposed to be big for the company…even if they don’t know what the hell it is even though it’s so “simple and intuitive.”

2. Hating On Sony


The Onion hated on Sony a couple years back, poking fun at the company with a product release that’s anything but great. Calling it a “stupid piece of shit,” this funny video describes the product as overpriced, unnecessary and super hard to use.

1. Apple Friend Bar


This is for all the die-hard Apple fans out there! According to The Onion, Apple has a new Friend Bar that will pair you with an Apple friend that will listen to you rattle on for hours at a time about their products.

Kristie Bertucci

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