DB8e Ultra Long Range Outdoor DTV Antenna Review

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10 Comments to DB8e Ultra Long Range Outdoor DTV Antenna Review

  1. Corey Fleet

    I would like information on combining a DB8e with a One Cable Programmable Antenna Rotator. Is it worth the extra $100 bucks? I live in town but have had very little luck with TV antennas. I am running my antenna from my roof, down to a 5-way splitter and out to the TVs. Any suggestions???
    Thanks from Virginia Beach, VA, USA

  2. Capt Nemo

    I am running TWO, yep count’em -2- DB8 antennas (not this one, but the forerunner to this model, also sold by Antennas Direct (though Amazon). I’m in an area where I was told there’s “NO TV reception”. The nearest transmitter is 26 miles away on the other side of a mountain, most are 65 miles away or more. Well, I have both antennas mounted in the attic, at 90 degree angles to each other and a 3 feet difference in elevation. Both leads go into a combiner and then into a Winegard ANWI8700 Signal Amplifier before coming to my TV. Well, I get TWELVE stations! And some are 110 miles distance in another state. I could not be happier. Additionally, the HDTV signal is amazingly sharp and clear, due to the fact that one is receiving an “uncompressed” over the air (OTA) digital HDTV signal. For my basic TV needs its great. I have high speed cable internet access for anything else I want to watch or stream. Easily saves $60 in cable TV prices for “Extended Basic”, not the mention $10 more in taxes, another $10 more for for converters, etc. And, love my D-Link Movietime Plus (streaming TV Box) for anything else – like a movie rental via awesome Vudu, or watching hours and hours of Youtube shows and vids absolutely FREE (with NO COMMERCIALS). There’s nothing like getting free TV, which is far superior to what you’ve been perviously paying for… and hey, what I don’t have, I really don’t, miss – especially the frackin’ commercials. And, there’s been a HUGE increase in OTA DTV watchers this year (Over 60 Million NOW!) Charter Communications is so upset, they’ll not even take ads from OTA Antenna sellers like Antennas Direct! Go on, get an antenna and try it; you’ll smile from ear to ear! Take back the power, it there and awaiting!

    • Hi my name is PJ I am interested in combing 2 DB8e antennas for Long Range Reception a little over 100 miles away.I would like to get some input on how do to this. You are getting stations 110 miles away in the attic? If you can get back to me that would be great.



      • Robert Robinson

        Could you tell me, very specifically, the hardware needed to combine the cable outputs of your DB8e and my VHF antenna? Thanks.

        • Antennas Direct has responded to this post but it appears to have been lost. The information will be posted again shortly.

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