Wolverine can’t heal?! What nonsense is this? The man has a healing factor. I once saw the old man who’s “the best at what he does” completely heal himself from burns so severe all that remained was his adamantium-laced skeleton. I sh*t you not. It was in an X-Men comic, the stuff of scripture, to be sure.

In the next film, The Wolverine the decidedly not 5′ 7″ Hugh Jackman, embarks on a trip to Japan. Of this land, any Wolvie fan knows, the man with the killer sideburns is not too well liked. From Osaka to Madripoor,  if it’s not the The Hand and their inexhaustible Ninja supply, then it’s Lady Deathstrike and her deadly Flo-Jo manicure, or Silver Samurai and that electrically charged wasabi spreader.

All we know for sure, is the man is on a six-bladed collision course to do the man dance with what looks like hundreds of Ninja. Poor ninja. But what’s this about Wolvie turning mortal and not healing? Blasphemy, if you ask me–utter Tom-foolery.

Shawn Sanders

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