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As number 3 in the best adult toys buying guide, the Phanyx silicon ring offers different types of stimulation and at least two different ways to wear it despite its simplicity. While it doesn’t have nearly as many functions as sex toys such as a vibrator, it can serve its purpose without being boring if the wearer is creative enough, especially when used with another sex toy.

Why We Like It – Silicone Stretchy Stronger Erection Enhancing

The Phanxy Silicone Dual Penis Ring is easy to put on and take off, is easy to use, and is waterproof so that it’s easier to clean. It can be worn in different ways to fit someone’s sexual tastes and can make the fun last longer when being worn.

  • Comfortable
  • Great price
  • Very flexible
  • Shouldn’t be worn for more than 20 minutes
  • Doesn’t come in different sizes


The Phanyx Dual Penis ring has been both tested and approved to bring/ enhance pleasure in the bedroom. Like the Paloqueth G Spot Rabbit Vibrator, it can be used to satisfy the two different parts of the target anatomy at once. Although, in this case, it’s the penis and testes instead of the g-spot and clitoris like the vibrator. However, one thing to keep in mind is that it’s best to not wear the ring for more than 20 minutes.


While it’s more simplistic than the Treediride Vibrating Male Masturbator Cup, this cock ring is made of a comfortable, high-quality grade of silicone for the sake of reusability and hygiene. Its waterproof capabilities make it easier to clean. It also stretches to avoid hurting the wearer and can be worn in different ways to appease different preferences. Because it can fit so comfortably snug, it directs the blood flow of the erection to make it last longer.


A silicone sex toy like this one can have a long lifespan, especially when cleaned with soap and water after every use and stored at a cool enough temperature away from sunlight. While cock rings, in general, are usually cheap in price, especially with free shipping, this particular ring is slightly cheaper than the already cheaply priced Paloqueth Realistic Dildo. However, unlike the dildo, it doesn’t come with lubricant, let alone lubricant that’s compatible with your toy of choice. For women, our recommended toy of choice for self-pleasure is the Romp Free Clitoral Stimulator.

Silicone Stretchy Stronger Erection Enhancing Wrap Up

While it’s recommended to not wear it for more than 20 minutes at a time, this cozy and snug ring is easy to disinfect in time for bedtime fun. It’s also versatile enough to help avoid making bedtime fun boring by being flexible enough, and by having a dual-ring design, to be worn in more than two ways. For women, dual stimulation can be gotten from the Soraya Wave that provides both clitoral and internal stimulation.

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