IcyBreeze Cooler Review

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Updated October 22, 2022
86 Expert Rating

The Icybreeze Cooler is the best portable A/C for camping because you get to enjoy good things like cold drinks and cold air no matter where you are. If you aren’t going camping anytime soon you can use it while you’re out and about playing or enjoying some recreational sports.

Keep in mind you’re not restricted to this unit. You can find more portable units with our reviews on the Honeywell portable air conditioner, Koldfront PAC1402W portable air conditioner, and Honeywell CO48PM.

Read on to learn more about Icybreeze Cooler portable A/C and find out how it compares to some of the top-rated air conditioners.

Why We Like It – Icybreeze Cooler

You can enjoy Icybreeze Cooler during the middle of any little league game or camping trip you decide to embark on. It only needs some ice-cold water to operate, and you will be able to hold your drinks on top of it. It is the ultimate cooler and certainly more practical than the Lasko 7050.

  • Extremely portable
  • Only needs water to run
  • Customers complained about a low battery life


The Icybreeze V2 is a 38-quart cooler, stacked with cup holders for your drinks, and it features an innovative twist. Aside from keeping your drinks cold, it uses the water inside and a fan to provide a cool breeze for you. It is a three-speed fan that you can adjust to the level you need. It uses a rechargeable battery pack as its power supply. If you would rather find something more appropriate for your apartment or home, feel free to check out the Frigidaire FFRA0511R1. Another home unit worth looking into is the Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner (10000 BTU) which can fill up to 450 square feet with crisp cool air.

Energy efficiency

On the lowest fan setting, it is expected to last about 6 hours on a full charge. If you decide to crank it up some more the battery may not last as long. Some customers have stated that the battery lasted them no longer than an hour and a half. Luckily, if you run into a low battery situation you can use a car charger or any power outlet to recharge the battery pack.


This air conditioning cooler uses a radiator to produce cold air so you can expect no humidity. Since there are no chemicals used to make the cold air, you won’t have to worry about being exposed to any harmful chemicals. If you would like to check out something more powerful, another great option to check out may be the Ontel portable air conditioner. For a unit that has a self-cleaning mode for the filters, have a look at the Innovair Air Conditioner.


The cooler has a thick plastic build meant to keep whatever is inside the AC unit colder for much longer. This plastic shell is more than capable of handling the dings that come with taking it along for the ride during a camping trip or any outdoor activity. When it comes to keeping the drinks and the air cold, users have recommended using frozen water bottles inside the cooler for the best results. If you don’t think this air conditioning cooler will get the job done, you may want to check out the Black and Decker portable air conditioner 14000 BTU.


This Icybreeze cooler presents a new exciting way to stay cool while you’re outside. This is an easy method to cool down during a barbeque, while out in the wilderness, or during your kid’s soccer game. It doubles its worth by keeping all your drinks cold so the minute you are parched you have a cold drink waiting for you inside it. As long as you keep an ice-cold supply handy for your cooler, you can always reap the benefits of cold air and drinks.

Icybreeze Cooler Wrap Up

While some customers complained that the biggest downfall of the Icybreeze Cooler is that the battery pack does not last as it should, there are a variety of ways to keep it plugged in and functioning as it should. This is a futuristic cooler and it will go beyond keeping your drinks cold and refresh your body as well.

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