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Updated Jun 21, 2024 3:21 PM

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best smart air conditioner guide that shows the top best air conditioner model

A whopping 75% of electronic and appliance reviews are untrustworthy. That’s why every reviewer gets a Trust Rating so our True Score System filters out the fake reviews. See how we do it.

Most AC units lack WiFi capability and sufficient power, forcing you to not only be physically present to adjust settings but also struggle with inadequate cooling performance. The best WiFi smart air conditioner is all about user-friendly controls paired with efficient cooling and smart connectivity. In our detailed review process, four air conditioners earned a spot on our buying guide from a total of 22 models analyzed. 

Our picks include models with excellent BTU ratings, Energy Star certificationand Smart features for convenience. We verified all units as tested and reviewed 169,780 customer and expert experiences. Our unique approach uses our scientific AI-powered True Score to filter out fake and low-quality reviews, ensuring only top-performing air conditioners make the list.

How Did We Rank the Best Wi-Fi Smart Air Conditioners?

In our pursuit of identifying the best Wi-Fi smart air conditioners, we examined over 200 websites, scrutinizing various testing methods and aggregating customer and expert feedback. Our analysis centered on 2 desirable features and 1 indispensable specification. This methodical approach allowed us to filter out the top-performing models, offering you a definitive guide that simplifies your purchasing decision with confidence and clarity.

Our commitment to unbiased reviews is powered by our ‘True Score’ system, targeting low quality and fake reviews. When you shop through our links, you’re backing our mission. Dive deeper to see how.

?️ Minimum Specifications

  • Must have wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi).

? “Nice To Haves”

  • Operating Noise: Less than 55dB.
  • Cooling Speed: The unit should be capable of cooling a properly sized room by at least one degree every five minutes.

Latest Updates

  • 06/21/2024: Republished the list to include the best wi-fi smart air conditioners based on our True Score system.

Top Wi-Fi Smart Air Conditioners For 2024

Prices accurate at the time of publishing

See how we test the testers

  • Runner Up

    Best Value

    Best Budget

    gr recommended award

    Best Mid-Range

    GE Profile Clearview PHNT10

    • Best For Smart

    GE Profile Clearview PHNT10 excels in rapid, efficient cooling and smart tech integration, ideal for energy-conscious, tech-savvy users.

    GE Profile Clearview PHNT10 Review →

    True Score







    Reasons to Buy

    • Cooling capacity
    • Low noise output
    • User-friendly controls and smart features

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Difficult installation
    • No support for Apple Homekit


    Airflow RateAirflow Raten/a
    App CompatibleApp CompatibleYes
    Auto Shut-OffAuto Shut-OffYes
    BTU Cooling RatingBTU Cooling Rating10,300 BTU
    Cord LengthCord Length6 ft
    Energy Efficiency RatioEnergy Efficiency Ratio14.6
    Energy Star CertifiedEnergy Star CertifiedYes
    Form FactorForm FactorWindow
    Integrated HeaterIntegrated HeaterNo
    Max Window Opening HeightMax Window Opening Heightn/a
    Max Window Opening WidthMax Window Opening Width40"
    Min Window Opening HeightMin Window Opening Height13"
    Min Window Opening WidthMin Window Opening Width20"
    Number Of Cool SettingsNumber Of Cool Settings4
    Number of Fan SpeedsNumber of Fan Speeds4
    Recommended Room SizeRecommended Room Size450 sq ft
    Remote ControlRemote ControlYes
    Sleep ModeSleep ModeYes
    WeightWeight80 lbs
    Wireless ConnectivityWireless ConnectivityMobile App, Voice Assistant, Wi-Fi

    All Specs

    Test Results

    Cooling Speed (minutes per degree)3
    Operating Noise (dB)0
    Power Draw (kWh)0
    Wind Speed (mph)0

    All Retailers

    • $529.00


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    Our Verdict

    If you want a smart air conditioner that blends efficiency with innovative tech, the GE Profile Clearview PHNT10 stands out with its superior cooling speed of 3 minutes per degree. It quickly cools rooms with a 10,300 BTU rating, ideal for medium-sized spaces up to 450 sq ft. With its impressive Energy Efficiency Ratio of 14.6, this window AC unit is tailored for people who prioritize energy savings and performance in their cooling solutions. It’s especially suited if you’re a tech-savvy user or live in a busy household, thanks to its compatibility with mobile apps, voice assistants, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

    If you value comprehensive control over your environment, the GE delivers with its four cool settings and four fan speeds, allowing for precise adjustments to match any comfort preference. This model steps ahead with its automated features like auto shut-off, sleep mode, and a handy remote control, enhancing user experience and ease of use. Comparatively, while more affordable, the Hisense 10000-BTU Window AC lacks GE’s higher energy efficiency rating. Both have similar BTU ratings and cool, similarly-sized spaces, but if you’re on a budget, opt for the Hisense, if you’re concerned about energy consumption, consider the GE.

    If you are exploring efficient and smart air conditioning options, the GE Profile Clearview PHNT10 is a worthwhile consideration. While it may not be the cheapest, its superior specs justify the investment if you need fast, effective cooling and smart home integration. Ideal for users who enjoy modern conveniences and are willing to invest in top-tier appliance technology, this AC unit is ready to meet a variety of needs and preferences, making it a versatile addition to any home.

  • Runner Up

    Best Value

    Best Budget

    gr recommended award

    Best Mid-Range

    Whynter ARC-1230WN

    • Best For Portable

    Whynter ARC-1230WN excels in cooling large spaces. Its smart features and portability make it ideal for tech-savvy users who need flexibility and effective climate control.

    Whynter ARC-1230WN Review →

    True Score





    SAVE $81

    Did you know 77% of Air Conditioner reviewers are untrustworthy?

    Our research found only 15 of 66 air conditioner reviewers as of July 2024 can be trusted. This is why Gadget Review is committed to calculating the most accurate product scores on the web.

    To do this, we give every air conditioner review site a Trust Rating, which measures how trustworthy the site and their testing claims are. We then leverage AI & a machine learning model to combine and calculate the Trust Rating with data from experts and consumers to deliver the True Score, the web’s most accurate product quality rating.


    Air Conditioner Reviews Analyzed


    Total Products Analyzed

  • Runner Up

    Best Value

    Best Budget

    gr recommended award

    Best Mid-Range

    Windmill AC 8000

    • Best For Window

    Windmill AC 8000 is ideal for small spaces needing quiet, smart cooling. Features swift cooling and moderate energy use, all manageable via smartphone.

    Windmill AC 8000 Review →

    True Score





    SAVE $20


    When choosing the best window air conditioners, consider factors like energy efficiency, cooling capacity, and noise levels. A top mini split system offers excellent energy efficiency and quiet operation, making them ideal for various room sizes. For those with limited space, the smallest portable air conditioner can provide effective cooling without permanent installation.

    Understanding central air vs wall unit is crucial for making an informed decision; central air systems offer whole-house cooling, while wall units are ideal for individual rooms. If you encounter issues, knowing how to test ac capacitor can help diagnose and fix common air conditioner problems.

  • Runner Up

    Best Value

    Best Budget

    gr recommended award

    Best Mid-Range

    Hisense 10000-BTU Window AC

    Hisense 10000-BTU Window AC is a budget-friendly, easy-to-install unit that combines effective climate control with smart features, ideal for medium-sized rooms.

    Hisense 10000-BTU Window AC Review →

    True Score






Which Criteria Matters for Testing Best Wi-Fi Smart Air Conditioners?

By focusing on these criteria (2 nice to have), anyone can quickly and easily compare these air conditioners and how they’ll perform. This helps you make an informed decision and purchase an excellent smart air conditioner.

Operating Noise< 55 dBNo (Nice to have)How much noise the unit makes while it is under normal operation.
Cooling Speed< 5 min/degreeNo (Nice to have)How long it takes a unit to successfully lower the temperature in an area by one degree, measured in minutes.

Our Trusted Data Sources

We looked at 60+ air conditioner reviewers and found that 15 are trustworthy (60%+ Trust Rating). The three we have listed below are our most trusted for air conditioners.

  1. Austin Palmer – TechGearLab, MuckRack
  2. Daniel Jackson – Your Best Digs
  3. Derek Hales – Modern Castle, LinkedIn

Interested in a comprehensive analysis of our data sources? We’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find a detailed list of every air conditioner review website we’ve identified, organized by their respective Trust Ratings from highest to lowest. But we didn’t stop there. We’ve meticulously reviewed each publication and verified the data by checking whether the authors have bio links to MuckRack or LinkedIn. We’re committed to not only checking the facts but ensuring their veracity.

Air Conditioner Test Data & Results

1. Operating Noise (dB)

All air conditioners make noise, this is a fact. Generally speaking, the more airflow an A/C unit has, the louder it’s going to be, and (logically) the more capable it is of cooling larger spaces (or smaller spaces more quickly.) Quieter A/C units are less disruptive and are often more attractive if you like a more peaceful home, but if your cooling needs are very high, be ready to see higher noise levels.

It’s for this reason we recommend an operating noise level around 55 dB or less. This puts it below the noise of a typical conversation and allows the sound to fade away into being background noise or even white noise. Higher volumes can be distracting, especially if you’re very sensitive to droningsounds.

Operating Noise (dB; lower is better; 0 = No Data)

2. Cooling Speed (Min/Deg)

There are multiple factors that influence how quickly an air conditioning unit is going to cool down a space. The size of the A/C, if it’s in good condition or not, the size of the room, and the actual settings chosen (for example, using a quiet mode or a performance mode.)

We recommend a cooling speed of at least 5 minutes per degree lowered, but faster cooling speeds are always welcome. It’s important to note that this is for when you use the A/C unit in a room that it’s designed for. If you stick a very small A/C in a huge room, the cooling speed is going to be abysmal, and if you put an oversized unit in a closet, you’ll be putting up some impressive numbers, but neither are realistic.

Cooling Speed (Min/Deg; lower is better; 0 = No Data)

Best Wi-Fi Smart Air Conditioners: Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Overlooking BTU Requirements: Choosing an air conditioner with the wrong BTU rating for your space can result in inefficient cooling or excessive energy consumption. Calculate the BTU requirement based on room size to ensure efficient cooling.

  2. Neglecting Smart Features: Not considering smart features like voice control, scheduling, and energy usage reports can limit convenience and energy savings. Look for these features to maximize the benefits of a smart air conditioner.

  3. Focusing Only on Price: Choosing solely based on price without considering features and performance can lead to disappointment. Balance cost with essential features and performance to ensure you get the most value for your money. Additionally, when purchasing appliances, consider the coldest temperature for an air conditioner if you live in a particularly hot climate. Ensuring that your air conditioner can achieve the necessary coldest temperature will improve comfort and efficiency.

  4. Skipping Energy Efficiency Ratings: Ignoring energy efficiency ratings can lead to higher energy bills. Look for air conditioners with high EER or SEER ratings to save on energy costs while keeping your space cool.

The Best Wi-Fi Smart Air Conditioners Tests Compared

True Score
Cooling Speed
Operating Volume
Recommended Room Size
Air Flow Rate
BTU Cooling Rating
  • 3.43 min/deg

  • 0

  • 450 sq ft

  • n/a

  • 10,300 BTU

  • 80 lbs


Whynter ARC-1230WN

  • Best for Portable

  • 5.04 min/deg

  • 56.2 dB

  • 600 sq ft

  • 388 CFM

  • 14,000 BTU/hr

  • 77 lbs


Windmill AC 8000

  • Best for Window

  • 3.75 min/deg

  • 52.5 dB

  • 350 sq ft

  • 200 CFM

  • 8,000 BTU

  • 70 lbs

  • 0

  • 55 dB

  • 450 sq ft

  • 224 CFM

  • 10,000 BTU

  • 46.2 lbs


Smart Air Conditioner Questions (FAQ)

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