Do Air Conditioner Misters Work?

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Updated May 13, 2023

If you are tired of learning how to clean a portable air conditioner, you may wonder about the efficacy of AC misting devices. What are AC misters? An AC mister is an appliance that works to cool the coils outside, helping to reduce extreme temperatures during use. The end result? A more efficient air conditioning system. These are intended to be used on AC units, not people. Some of the best air conditioners are often accompanied by these misting accessories.


  • Air conditioner misters are third-party accessories that attach to the coil of an external air conditioning unit, or central air conditioner.
  • These misters work to cool down the coils during use, deploying evaporative cooling, resulting in better efficiency during the summer months and a reduced ambient temperature.
  • AC misters help reduce your monthly energy bills and are, on average, easy to install and operate.

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Insider Tip

Read the instructions beforehand to ensure proper use of your mister and to ensure it integrates nicely with your AC unit.

Do These AC Misters Actually Work?

Yes, AC misters like the VOSAREA portable evaporative air cooler work, but don’t expect miracles. They adequately cool down the coils of your AC unit, which leads to a slight increase in efficiency and a slight reduction in monthly energy bills. There is one major caveat. However, these misters are designed and manufactured to suit outdoor AC units, meaning window units do not benefit from misters, nor can they even integrate with window-mounted appliances. Also, make sure you purchase a mister that integrates with your specific AC unit.

Benefits of Using an AC Mister

The primary benefit of an AC misting device is an increase in efficiency, but that’s not the only benefit.

Lower Energy Bills

Increased efficiency translates to lower monthly energy bills. This is because the air conditioner mister works to cool the coils, which in turn keeps the whole system cooler. When your AC is operating at a cool temperature, especially during the summer months, it has to do less work to produce a favorable result. Some consumers report a 10 to 20 percent reduction in AC-related energy bills when using an AC mister. Also, if you are wondering do I need a permit to replace an air conditioner or to install a mister, the answer is no. But, you may need an A/C cleaning brush, to keep it maintained.

Easy Installation

These air misters are easy to install, often just attaching to the exterior coils of the AC unit. Some require a dedicated power source while others piggyback on the air conditioner’s power supply. In any event, upon purchasing the right mister for your unit, you’ll have it up and running in just a few minutes.

STAT: Evaporative cooling is not a new concept. In fact, it’s been around for tens of thousands of years. It’s so basic that it is designed into our biology. It is the principle our bodies use to stay cool in hot temperatures. (source)


If not a mister, how can I reduce my cooling bill?

Some other options to reduce heat energy and keep your cooling bill down are to only use your AC when necessary, keep the outdoor unit maintained, and set the thermostat so the air temperature is a bit higher than normal.

What is evaporative cooling?

Evaporative cooling uses water, or mist in this case, to create a desired ambient temperature. Misters often feature a water pump that uses so many gallons of water droplets per month.

Is regular AC servicing needed?

Yes, to maintain a desired ambient temperature and to reduce energy consumption, maintain your air coolers according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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