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How to Install a TV Safety Strap

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Flat panel TVs are impressive pieces of technology, but they’re fragile as well. The best TVs are even more impressive, however, they are still fragile and need protecting. Knowing how to install a TV safety strap can help you save an expensive repair or replacement if you have a high-traffic home, and it can make your home safer for small children and pets as well.


  • Metal wire TV safety straps are the most secure but can scratch furniture
  • For extra security, purchase and install a TV safety strap kit designed to be anchored from furniture to your wall
  • Drill-free TV safety straps are available, but may not be as secure for the heaviest TVs

There are a few options when it comes to TV safety straps, but once you’ve chosen the right one, installing them is fairly quick and easy.

What are TV Safety Straps?

TV straps are heavy-duty straps made to attach to your TV and your TV cabinet to hold it in place and prevent tipping. They’re excellent for babyproofing your home or for protecting both your TV and small children and pets in high-traffic homes. They’re an inexpensive way to make your home safer and prevent accidental and expensive damage to any large flat panel TV. Installing TV safety straps is one of the best smart TV tips you can find. Alternatively, another way to ensure your TV is secure from tipping over is to mount it on the wall. Admittedly, this will cost more than the safety straps but has the added benefit of saving space as well. If you do mount your TV to the wall, ensure it’s secure so it won’t fall. Once your TV is nice and secure, you can connect a VCR to your TV and enjoy a classic movie. While you’re at it, if you have a universal remote, you can program your remote to control the TV and VCR as well.

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TV straps are heavy-duty straps of material made to attach to both your TV and your TV cabinet to hold it in place and prevent tipping.

When it comes to purchasing a strap set, you’ve got a few different options, but basically, it comes down to the weight-bearing material- vinyl or another high-test synthetic fiber, or metal wire. Metal wire provides the best protection, but can scratch furniture and isn’t aesthetically the best choice. Synthetic fibers will generally be less expensive and more pleasing to the eye, but regardless of the choice, the idea is the same- two straps attach to your TV and to your furniture, securing your TV from tip-overs. Talking about pleasing the eye, did you know that finding the proper contrast on a TV can improve the images and also make viewing more enjoyable? However, no matter how beautiful the image is, if you have glares and reflections, it will ruin your viewing experience. So be sure to read about how to stop reflections on your TV screen.

How to Attach a TV Safety Strap

Regardless of which you choose, the general steps to install your TV safety strap should be the same. All you’ll need is a Phillips head screwdriver or a power drill with standard Phillips head drill bits and the screws that should come with the straps.

  1. Attach both straps to your TV using the provided screws and the Phillips head screwdriver, per the instructions that come with the strap kit. Some straps will attach to the VESA mounting surface on the back of your monitor.
  2. Attach the opposite ends of the straps to your furniture using the provided screws.
  3. If provided, you can attach the furniture end of the straps to a wall stud with leg bolts. If your TV and cabinet are close to a wall and you’d like an even more secure installation, this is a good choice.
  4. Slide the strap latches into the connection pieces on the TV or furniture if provided until the click and lock, then tighten the straps until it’s taut and has no slack. You’re done!

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Regardless of which you choose, the general steps to install your TV safety strap should be the same.


Can you secure your furniture or TV to the wall without using screws?

Yes, there are TV safety strap options that use adhesives and/or hooks to secure your furniture (including your TV) to the wall without drilling, though they’re not necessarily as secure as traditional options.

How often do TVs tip over?

The CPSC’s most recent studies state that in the US, a child is injured every 43 minutes from a furniture or TV tip-over accident.

How strong are TV safety straps?

Most TV safety strap kits are manufactured and tested to support weights of around 200 pounds, but the actual weight limit should always be checked before you purchase a kit to make sure it can support your TV.

STAT: In 2016, there 11,800 incidents of children brought to the ER due to injuries from TV tip-overs were recorded by the CPSC (source)

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