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The Honeywell HTF210B is a mini tower table fan that is best suited for anyone who needs to have a personalized solution to your air conditioning needs. It’s pretty small in size, and this allows you to carry it around in your bag whenever you’re moving around. The tower fan comes in a sleek black color, and is only about 13 inches tall. Could it be the best tower air conditioner for you? Let’s find out.

Why We Like It – Honeywell HTF210B

The Honeywell HTF210B is a small size mini fan that is perfect for placing on your office table or your bedside. It’s got about 4 fan speeds to choose from, and guarantees very quiet operation.

  • Small sized and portable
  • 8 Hour Auto Timer
  • Can be used anywhere
  • No filter


The Honeywell HTF210B slim mini tower fan has about 4 different levels that you can switch it to, and all the four levels are super quiet thanks to its proprietary QuietSet technology. The fan is quite different from what the Dyson Cool AM07 has to offer, but in a good way. It won’t be able to oscillate, and it also doesn’t come with a remote control. Those are some of the two ways that it is very different from a lot of other fans in the same price range.

Energy Efficiency

The Honeywell HTF210B is fairly energy efficient, so you don’t need to worry about your electricity bill skyrocketing. It relies on a Direct Current motor, which will require up to 50% less energy to run compared to an Alternate Current motor. It’s also got a timer that you can use to set it up whenever you need to go to sleep and leave it on. The timer allows you to schedule when the fan should go off, and it’s a feature that you’ll also find on the TaoTronics Tower Fan.


Like most tower fans, the Honeywell Quietset Mini Tower Table fan doesn’t really come with a filter, so you’ll have to stick to vacuuming its grille every now and then as a way of preventing any dust from accumulating. The Lasko T42951 also doesn’t have a filter, but you can also decide to buy one separately as an add on. This, unfortunately, is something that you won’t be able to do with the Honeywell HTF210B 4 speed oscillating tower fan.


Even though it’s only backed by a 1 year warranty, the Honeywell HTF210B should hold up pretty well through a couple years of use. As long as you keep it clean & well maintained, it should be able to work well for at least more than 5 years after purchase.


Aside from portability, the biggest advantage that the Honeywell HTF210B fan will confer to you is it’s low noise volume. It’s easily the quietest mini tower table fan that you will likely come across, so you can be guaranteed that it’ll never be able to wake you up from your sleep.

Honeywell HTF210B Wrap Up

At about $25, the Honeywell HTF210B table fan is easily one of the best portable mini fans that you can find in the market today. It’s also pretty affordable, and has 4 different fan levels for you to choose from.

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