Hisionlee Medical Silicone Sensuality Black Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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While not included in the best adult toys buying guide, the hisionlee sexy toys anal plug set offers the user different size plugs for the user to choose from. Because of the soft, hygienic, and smooth silicone they’re made of, the plugs can also be used to provide not only A-spot orgasms, but G-spot orgasms as well.

Why We Like It – Hisionlee Medical Silicone Sensuality Black

The Hisionlee Medical Silicone Sensuality Black anal plugs are made of high quality medical grade silicone and comes in 4 different sizes. This set is great for beginners and experts, as the varied sizes appease different preferences and can allow the user to experiment and see what they like.

  • Smooth and comfortable texture
  • Lubricant included
  • Different sizes
  • No instructions included


These anal toys can be used both beginners and people who have more experience with anal plugs. Unlike the Treediride Vibrating Male Masturbator Cup, the plugs don’t vibrate. However, due to the different sizes, users can figure out what their preferences are: They can learn what sizes they are coPhanxy Silicone Dual Penis Ringmfortable with, how they can use them, and how much lubricant they will need. Also, because of the curvature of the plugs being more subtle, it provides an easier way for insertion for beginners.


There’s an essential material used to make this anal plug set: Medical grade silicone. Not only will this type of silicone be comfortable enough for the user to use, but it’s also hygienic enough to avoid causing infections by being waterproof and not having the ability to absorb fluids. Like the Phanxy Silicone Dual Penis Ring, the simplicity can be enough to satisfy the user when the user applies a little creativity and control. These anal plug set medical silicone sensuality plugs can also be used to reach vaginal orgasms in addition to anal orgasms.


For only $15, users have the option to test different sizes of plugs to see what they are (or aren’t) comfortable with. The plugs also come with a lubricant that’s compatible with them, and an enema. While the set can be used for more than one thing like sex toys such as the Paloqueth G Spot Rabbit Vibrator, it’s a simpler toy that costs less and would give the user less buyer’s regret if the user is somehow not satisfied.

Hisionlee Medical Silicone Sensuality Black Wrap Up

Anal masturbation and anal sex can seem pretty intimidating for beginners, but anal plug sets, especially ones that come with compatible lubricants, can be a way to ease people into it. While it isn’t for everyone, people who are curious enough to try it can avoid hurting themselves with proper preparation and hygiene.

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