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This Toshiba canvio basics review an external portable hard drive that can carry 2TB of your data in a drive small enough to fit into your pocket. This is on our list of the Best External Hard Drives because of its sleek design and portability.

Why We Like It – Toshiba Canvio Basics

The Toshiba canvio basics is a sleek external hard drive that stores your photos, music, and files to take anywhere on your journey. This hard drive is compact and easy to carry, and the plug and play function allows it to work on any computer without requiring any software, a nice touch for those that are less tech savvy.

  • No external AC needed
  • Truly portable
  • Customers reported a slow transfer rate after some use


For starters, this portable external hard drive is perfect for anyone on the go because all it needs is the USB cable to power itself up, which removes the need for an AC adapter like on the Seagate STGY80000. There is no software needed to use the device, it is a simple plug and play on Mac OS or PC. The transfer rates for this device is 5gb/s on USB 3.0 and 480mb/s on USB 2.0.


The external hard drive is a sleek black design that is smudge resistant. It is small enough to carry in the front pocket of your backpack or your pocket if you wanted. If you would like to find more compact sized hard drives, you may want to check out the Western digital elements external hard drive. These hard drives can even connect to your game console like the PS4’s hard disk and save your video game data.


This is an ideal hard drive to invest in if you find yourself on the road often and want to carry important files without worrying about carrying a heavy load. If you run into any discrepancies, you are backed by Toshiba’s one year limited warranty. If the 2TB isn’t enough storage for you, they offer versions of this hard drive up to 4TB, or you can try other brands 4TB models like the Lacie rugged.

Toshiba Canvio Basics Wrap Up

The Toshiba canvio basics review is an easy hard drive to use because it does not require software to be installed, although reformatting may happen sometimes. It can fit in your pocket and it is smudge resistant. The USB interface powers up and connects your hard drive to the Mac or PC which is a good touch because there are fewer cables to worry about.

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