Do you suffer from back pain after sitting in your office chair at your computer desk for a full workday? It’s a sad reality, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The best office chair under $300 can work with your body, not against it. The Smugdesk 5579 ergonomic office chair is a good choice. Compare this to the Steelcase Amia office chair review to make sure you’re happy with your selection.

Of course, if you want to spend a bit more, the best office chair under 500 is a possibility too. If you sometimes like to grab a quick nap in your office before you go home, take a look at our Thanko office sleeper chair.

This lumbar support mesh chair has good adjustable settings to maximize your comfort and the breathable mesh material will give you good ventilation to keep you cool. It also has great lumbar support, which is a must for desk chairs. If you want to upgrade your office chair, consider PU leather vs bonded leather for your next office chair. If you’re looking for another Smugesk option, take a look at the Smugdesk ergonomic office chair review.

Is The Smugdesk 5579 Ergonomic Office Chair A Good Deal?

Smugdesk 5579 Ergonomic Office Chair
This comfortable chair has a lot of adjustability.
  • Adjustable
  • Mesh backrest
  • Lumbar support
  • Armrests don’t adjust forward or backward

Smugdesk 5579 Build Quality And Design

This office chair is designed very well. The adjustable and ergonomic design delivers comfort that lasts, while the mesh back keeps things ventilated as the air circulates. It is also a decent looking computer task chair that will fit right into your office space. By combining both its breathable back mesh and high density foam seat, the Smugdesk Office Chair High Back creates a dry, comfortable sitting experience. Comfort, adjustability, and style make this one a winner. Compare this to the poly bark inverness ergonomic chair review to find which option is best for you.


I loved how adjustable this quality office chair is. The lumbar support can be adjusted up and down to fit your lower back, making it amazing for your lumbar. This helps you to have better blood flow throughout your body and of course, it is comfortable.

The armrests are height adjustable, but sadly they don’t adjust back and forth. The lower headrest may not be so good for taller folks. Despite this, this chair has enough adjustments to make you relaxed and feeling good for hours. Make sure the best paper shredders are close by so you can stay seated and enjoy.


I tested this mesh office chair for a full month and it does indeed provide comfort for long hours. The ergonomic office chair lumbar support is one of the best I’ve experienced in any chair thus far. And it has just enough adjustability so that most people can get a near-perfect fit. Taller people may not like this office desk chair due to the headrest being low, but I felt great while using it. Chair adjustable headrests are important, so they should have gotten that detail right. Regardless, it offers proper support and feels good for hours, which is exactly what I want in an office chair and mesh chairs in general.

Bottom Line

This Smugdesk ergonomic office chair delivers everything you expect from a quality executive chair. It feels good to use and since it offers proper support, this is going to help with your health as well. It will help some of your aches and pains for sure. I am very impressed.

Another popular choice for drafting chairs is the Steelcase Gesture, but the Smugdesk is higher on my list. It also makes a fantastic gaming chair for regular or standing desks. Either way this desk chair for lumbar support rocks. Plus, the Smugdesk Office Chair qualifies for free shipping on, so be sure to go check it out.

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