Should I Get a Better Router?

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Updated August 8, 2022

If you are trying to build a new wireless network, you may wonder if you should get a better router. Even the best routers should be replaced every few years, after all, so it is something to consider. Keep reading to learn all about the reasons to update your Internet router.


  • Getting a new router will allow you to experience the new Wi-Fi 6 Internet protocol and engage in a mesh network.
  • New routers, such as mesh routers, tend to offer increased coverage, so you’ll be able to place it in more locations in the home.
  • Choosing a store-bought router over an ISP router will eliminate a monthly rental fee on your Internet bill.

Benefits of a New Router

Thereseveraler of reasons to upgrade your wireless router, some of which are detailed below.

Insider Tip

Call your ISP before getting a new router to let them know you’ll be returning the old one.

Modern Internet Protocols

If you are wondering what you need for Wi-Fi 6, the answer is, among other things, a modern router that can easily handle the new Internet protocol. Your pre-existing router is likely tied to the Wi-Fi 5 protocol or an even earlier Internet standard. Wi-Fi 6 is considered to be over twice as fast as Wi-Fi 5, so if you want to increase your maximum speed, go for an upgrade. Of course, before springing down some cash on a Wi-Fi 6 router, make sure your gadgets can support the format.

Better Coverage

If you are asking where to place a wireless router, you may not like the answer. Routers need to be replaced in a central location in the home, ideally high on a shelf, to provide coverage throughout the area so the router can handle multiple devices. New and upgraded routers, however, tend to offer increased signal strength, so you can get by tucking the router in a bedroom instead of out in the open in the living room.

Guest Network Tools

If you are still using the router provided by your Internet service provider (ISP), it is likely your guest network tools are not up to snuff. Generally speaking, store-bought routers allow for a more robust guest networking experience than ISP routers. Not only will this make for a seamless experience for visitors to your home, but it will also help keep your wireless connection safe and free from hackers.

Eliminate Rental Fees

If you are using a router from your ISP, you are paying a monthly rental fee that shows up on your bill. Upgrading to a store-bought router may cost more upfront, but the device will pay for itself as the months roll on, as you will no longer be liable for that rental fee. Of course, remember to return the ISP’s router as soon as you can to avoid charges.


Routers vs mesh networking: are you just trying to fix a dead spot?

Mesh networking, including a wi-fi extender, is a great way to add coverage throughout the home and allow for faster speeds. Using this method could also eliminate any dead spots, thanks to the stronger signal.

Wi-fi 5 vs Wi-fi 6: which is better?

In nearly every way, wi-fi 6 is the better choice, especially Internet speeds, though not all gadgets can integrate with the wi-fi 6 standard. Also, wi-fi 6 routers are much more expensive than wi-fi 5 routers.

Why is my router slowing my Internet connections?

Any number of things could be slowing down wi-fi signals, including a single router. If your Internet connection is struggling, perform some troubleshooting on your wifi network.

STAT: Quality of service (QoS) features help users manage their connection and gauge how effective their hardware is at reducing disruptions. (source)

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