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Otis is set to start the new year of high school. Emotions are all over the place at school as some of the students are getting to know each other more intimately. This is a series similar to Big Mouth, due to its themes on puberty and coming of age. Otis has heard plenty about sexual issues due to his mother working in that field. Now Otis realized that he also has the power to change people’s minds and help them through their sexual ordeals. This is a series from our list of the Best Shows On Netflix.

Why We Like It – Sex Education Review

Otis Milburn has some sex-related issues. Even though his mother is a sex therapist and can easily help him with his problem, he feels awkward going to his mother because he feels like she overanalyzes him. While he handles his problems, he uses his mother’s knowledge to help some students in his school with their own problems. Now he is thinking about using his new abilities to make an impact in school.

  • Feels like Skins
  • Dramatic and hilarious as well
  • Began like the typical high school series


Asa Butterfield stars as Otis, the newly self-proclaimed high school sex therapist. Otis is a very timid person, but discovering his abilities is about to make him a new man. He was convinced to try out this scheme because of Maeve Wiley, played by Emma Mackey. Expect to see Kedar Williams Stirling as Jackson Marchetti, one of Otis’ classmates. Gillian Anderson is Otis’ single mother and sex therapist Dr. Jean F Milburn. Dr. Jean often makes Otis uncomfortable because of her multiple partners that walk in and out of Otis’ life.


This series was created by Laurie Nunn. The Sex Education seasons are based in Britain, so expect everything from their accents and their mannerisms to be quite British. The show reveals how Otis is very troubled with his personal problems, and every time he tries to talk to his mother she ends up explaining things more as a therapist than a mother. We shall see how the second season ends up after he discovers his gift. After these short 2 seasons, catch up on the madness of Walter White on Breaking Bad.


From the first season, we can already see this is going to get good. Who knows what kind of situations arise for Otis and Maeve as they attempt to fake being therapists. By season two they may be doing bigger things or the jig may finally be up. While this is a high school series, there are various moments that this show gets a little too explicit, so it’s best to have a family-friendly type of show up to watch with the kids like Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Sex Education Review Wrap Up

The two seasons on Netflix have eight episodes each, feel free to witness that madness that is about to go down in Otis’s high school. The stakes will be high for these characters as they try to be something that they are not. Stick around and see Otis try to pull off a grand scheme by trying to be the student’s sex therapist.

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