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The Serta Low Back office chair is a perfect example of a simple computer desk chair that you can grab for your home office, and because they’re available in up to 3 different colors, you can rest easy that they won’t clash with your living room decor. The mesh office chair is also regarded as one of the best armless office chairs to go for especially for someone that’s looking for something that’s a bit out of the ordinary, as the desk chair comes in a very different design from what a typical low back computer executive chair looks like. If you’re interested in having a mesh back chair that’s a little more uniquely designed, go ahead and continue with this Serta Essential computer desk task chair review and find out what else there is to like about it.

Why We Like It – Serta Essential Mesh Low-Back Computer Desk Task Chair

The Serta Essential Mesh Low Back Computer Desk Task Chair is an affordable armless chair that you can use as a home office chair and include as part of your home office furniture.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available in 5 different colors
  • No lumbar support


This Serta office chair doesn’t really have much to offer in terms of lumbar support, so you really should have a good back if you’re considering getting it. The low back computer desk chair however the backrest does have a curved mid back profile, and this is to help keep your back in a good shape especially if you tend to stay in one seated position for very long hours. The Flash Furniture Mid-Back task chair is actually better than the Serta office desk chair in this regard, as it comes with a high back, as well as padded armrests where you can rest your elbows.


The Serta ergonomic office chair is relatively quite comfortable, even with the lack of heavy padding that you’ll find on an executive office chair like the AmazonBasics Leather Mid-Back Office Chairs. The swivel task chair has a seat cushion that bears a waterfall design, and this is key because it keeps blood flowing between your thighs and your legs. This helps keep you from dozing off when you’re working those long hours, and unlike most office chairs, the outer edge of the mesh chair is covered by the soft textile material that you’ll also find on the seat cushion, giving it a nice feel.


If you look at the bottom of the Serta Essential mesh low back chair’s seat, you’ll find a lever there that’s used for seat height adjustment, but you won’t be able to tilt the seat back. The low back office chair also doesn’t allow you to adjust the seat depth, and neither does the Ergonomic Office Chair Desk Chair. The mesh computer chair is however easy to assemble, so it shouldn’t really take a lot of time for you to put it together.


The Serta essential mesh low back chair is one of the best that you can opt for if you need to have a backrest that allows for enough air circulation. It’ll be very difficult to have your back sweating as you use this ergonomic chair, and this makes it great for working under hot summer conditions.


As a low back task chair that retails for less than $100, the Serta mesh low back computer chair offers immense value to users who spend most of their time behind an office desk, or users that aren’t such big fans of bonded leather or faux leather executive chairs.

Serta Essential Mesh Low-Back Computer Desk Task Chair Wrap Up

With a weight capacity of about 250 pounds, the Serta low back computer desk chair has a decent ability to support the weight of the average user, and this is because of its sturdy alloy steel frame. The chair is also a lot better designed than a good majority of the office desk chairs in its category, and is also quite pocket friendly.

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