Samsung has made big news by announcing two new PC monitors that will sport its quantum dot technology. We’ve talked about quantum dot tech before, and how the technology is focused on creating some of the best computer monitors of 2019: Basically, like several technologies currently in progress, the goal is to create a screen quality that is similar to OLED, but at only a fraction of the price. Samsung has already shown TVs with the tech, but these are the first monitors that the company has announced, and they are impressive.

The first, the CFG70, comes in 24 and 27-inch models with 144Hz and a 1ms response time. The CF791, however, is a massive 34-inch display with a 100ms response time. Both have FreeSync technology for the best AMD relationship.  These features are great for the competitive gamer; but if you’re looking to produce and edit videos check out this list for the best monitor for video editing.

Samsung Quantum Dot
Quantum Dot tech controls how effectively LED lights illuminate the panel.

Additionally, both these screens are curved – Samsung is even saying that the CF791 is the most-curved computer monitor ever. As we like to talk about, curved TV screens don’t exactly make any sense: You are getting a smaller viewing angle without gaining anything in return. For computer monitors, however, we’re a lot more lenient. You usually use a monitor solo, and at a much closer range than a TV screen. This makes monitors more suited for the curve – as long as you have the room. These monitors in particular look well suited for entertainment and gaming. Just like the ones in our best external monitor list.

The key question is, naturally, price and availability. Samsung is keeping the lid on these details for now. Since the purpose of quantum dot technology is to improve appearance while keeping prices lower than OLED screens, we imagine that prices will be on the reasonable side. Still, these are new and very large monitors, so we could be looking at north of $1,000. Too much, or an acceptable trade?

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