Samsung has released details on one of its newest monitors, a fascinating hybrid between screen and wireless charger that is sure to have Samsung fans lining up. Wireless phone charging has seen a rapid increase in popularity within the last couple year, with the number of devices quickly proliferating. However, almost all of them have been standalone devices like plates or stations where you put your smartphone down and let it charge up (with a few exceptions like lamps and nightstands that incorporated the technology). Samsung’s monitor is one of the first mainstream attempts at combining wireless charging technology with another commonly used electronic device. If you are looking for the best external monitor, consider this one.


So, how do you set your phone down on a monitor? Samsung is incorporating a charging station in the base of the SE370 monitor, below the screen. Put your phone down on the circle, and it will start charging, automatically, with no cords necessary. But hey, this is also a computer monitor: The SE370 comes in a 23.6-inch and 27-inch version with basic features that include 1080p resolution (sorry, 4K fans), an HDMI port, and a wide viewing angle for movies, etc. It also sports an eyestrain mode for dimming the brightness automatically. We don’t have information on pricing or a launch date yet, but when Samsung releases the info we will keep you posted. Two points to consider in the meantime. First, the charging station uses the very popular Qi wireless charging standard. There are a lot of newer, faster standards that are competing to take Qi off the throne in the coming years, so Samsung throwing its hat into that particular ring may be a bit risky unless Qi steps up its game in the future. Second, the monitor works with all mobile devices that use Qi, so you aren’t limited to just Samsung phones.

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