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Roku Streaming Stick Price Announced, Expect it November

It’s been sometime since we’ve heard from Roku and their Streaming Stick.  Last we can recall it was at CES 2012, which was 9.5 months ago.  However, yesterday the company announced that it will cost $99.99 and should hit retail stores sometime in October.

If you don’t recall, the Roku Streaming Stick is effectively Roku’s Box in a USB like stick.  Instead of plugging into your TV’s USB port, it connects via an HDMI port.  But it won’t work with just any HDMI port.  You’ll need a TV that supports the MHL standard, which is relatively new.   Roku has simplified the purchasing process by announcing Roku Ready devices, which is nothing more than a certification with select brands.  So far that includes Element Electronics; GlobalVue International, LLC; Haier; Hitachi America, Ltd.; Insignia, a Best Buy brand; Mitsubishi Electric (TVs); Onkyo and Integra; OPPO and TMAX Digital, Inc.(Apex Digital TVs).

Of course you can expect that list to grow with time, and while it includes its very own special remote for gaming and flipping through Roku’s 600 channels, it looks like you can pair select remotes with the Roku Streaming stick .  It’s still not clear what that pairing process will be, or what remotes will be compatible, but we do know that the Roku remote is only included when not bought in a bundle from one of the aforementioned manufacturers.


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