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Jason Bateman stars as Marty Byrde, a financial expert that has recently attempted to steal his own boss’s drug money. After his boss finds out and enacts his revenge, Marty is forced to take his wife and kids to find a new home. This TV show feels like Breaking Bad, another one of our shows in the best shows on Netflix.

Why We Like It – Ozark Review

Marty Byrde is a financial advisor that just made one of the worst mistakes of his life. With his accounting abilities, he was able to steal a load of money from his boss. Now the boss found out, and wants to take his revenge on everyone who crossed him. In these three seasons, Marty will be forced to live through the consequences of these actions.

  • Unique Plot
  • Intense like Breaking Bad
  • The protagonists act unenthusiastically


Jason Bateman plays Marty, a calm, loyal, but depressed husband. Things haven’t felt the same in his marriage with Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) after he found out some dark secrets about her. Aside from this couple, an antagonist of the first season will be Camino Del Rio, one of the cartel members trying to reclaim his stolen money. The seriousness in this series might have you fiending for some laughs after, and the best remedy I suggest is Big Mouth.


The design of this show is unique because according to Camino Del Real, Marty’s niche is that he has really good money laundering skills. Now that Marty is on the run, it will be interesting to see how his family will hold up. After the third season, we shall see what happens with the family in their new lives. The situations will get tense as they are forced to make quick drastic changes in their lives.


A TV show like this is enjoyable as we see how distinctly Marty is able to shake up the system in his favor through legal manners. I feel like this series is pretty close to Breaking Bad because Camino Del Rio is just as scary as Gustavo Fring. This is not the ideal show for kids, but if you are looking for such a series the best choice is Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Ozark Review Wrap Up

There are three Ozark seasons to run through, be sure to watch and find out what happens to the Bryde family as they escape the madness to start a new life. TV shows like these will have you standing on chairs as the action unfolds.

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