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During the year 1971, the equal rights amendment act tried to make life equal for both men and women. This would mean that women would be forced to enlist for war and also look for work. Phyllis Schlafly argued that this amendment would destroy American families’ homes because women would be forced to work two full-time jobs. This series looks into the political drama revolving around this amendment. It is on our Best Shows on Hulu with other series like The Handmaid’s Tale.

Why We Like It – Mrs. America Review

Mrs. America is a show about the political drama around the equal rights amendment act. Phyllis Schlafly was an opposer of the amendment because she believed that it would harm the traditional role of women as caregivers. In this show, she faces the political opponents head-on as she moves to stop this amendment. Here is a series that is both educational and real.

  • Politically Accurate
  • Empowering Moments
  • The only action comes from dialogue


During this series, you will see a variety of media interviews, and debates about the equal rights amendment. Cate Blanchett plays as Phyllis Schlafly. John Slattery is Fred Schlafly. Rose Byrne stars as Gloria Steinem. Tracey Ullman stars as Betty Friedan. Margo Martindale is Bella Abzug. If this political drama does not interest you, you can also check out Bob’s Burgers, a cartoon about a family running a burger joint that is lighter and great for a laugh.


Sabrina Lantos covered the camerawork for Mrs. America. The writers from Mad Men also contributed to this series. Typical locations in this series are protests, community hearings, and media interviews. The antagonists, according to Phyllis, were writers fueling the feminist movement. Throughout the series, we will see the battle of ideas between the supporters and opposers of the equal rights amendment act. If you enjoy this drama, another good series from our list is Atlanta.


This series is important because it highlights real moments in American politics. The struggles women went through during 1971 are important because their issues are still relevant today. With a series like this, people can tune into what happened during this era and learn something while they are entertained. If you enjoy a short series like this, The Act is also a great short series.

Mrs. America Review Wrap Up

Mrs. America feels like the political drama House of Cards. It is great to watch a series that demonstrates powerful women standing up for their liberation. Phyllis and other great women lead the fight for the Anti ERA movement. This moment in history changed American politics and it is important to be conscious about the struggles women go through.

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