Logitech Harmony Elite Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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It’s time to move away from having countless remote controls and just get one remote that can do everything. That’s the idea behind the Harmony Elite Universal Remote. Between the physical remote and the Harmony app, you can do everything like watch TV, and operate all your smart home devices like hue light and heating. This Logitech Harmony universal remote joins other Logitech products on our best universal remote list. To some people, it is in the best Tv accessories category.

Why We Like It – Logitech Harmony Elite

The Logitech Harmony Elite is one of the most advanced universal remotes you can buy. This elite remote combines the practicality of a conventional remote control with the advantages of a smartphone app. It can control up to 15 devices including home theaters, TVs, and other smart home devices. If you need a mount for your TV too, take a look at our dynamic mounting down and out flatscreen TV mount review.

  • It can support up to 15 devices
  • Can work from anywhere
  • Alexa compatible
  • Expensive
  • Initial setup can be difficult
  • Average customer service.


The Elite Logitech remote has extensive programming options and can work on up to 15 devices at a time. It can even be preprogrammed to turn on your favorite channels at the touch of a button. The remote works together with the Harmony Hub and Harmony app to ensure that all your home entertainment can be controlled from anywhere with an internet connection. This Logitech Harmony Elite remote is Alexa compatible so you can use voice activation to control all the smart devices in your home. The Logitech Ultimate is a great alternative if you don’t need the app.


Design is a major part of our Logitech Harmony Elite review. Like most Harmony remotes, the Harmony Elite is a top of the range product. The remote has a combination of user-friendly physical buttons and a 2.5-inch color touch screen. The remote uses a micro-USB port to charge from the provided cradle, and also for updating the firmware. The app is intuitive and ensures you can control everything in your smart home including Apple TV, DVD player, and smart lights. If you’d prefer to use the app only, check out the Logitech Harmony Hub.


The Logitech Harmony Elite is one of the best universal remotes on the market and you can use it for many devices. You can do everything like watch TV, control your lighting, lock your doors, and more with a touch of a button. With support for up to 15 devices, you can pack away all your other remotes and run everything with this one universal solution. The Harmony Elite is one of the best products in the market and is worth the price. If you have fewer devices, the Logitech Harmony All in One is worth checking out.

Logitech Harmony Elite Wrap Up

This Logitech Harmony Elite review has found it to be one of the best remotes on the market. It can be complicated to set up at first, especially if you have many devices to connect. After the initial set up, you’ll be surprised at how much easier and more convenient life becomes.