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Icybreeze Cooler Doubles As A Portable Air Conditioner

The best portable air conditioner may also be cooler. Nowadays, products need to go above and beyond to capture the attention of consumers, often having to have more than one function to really appeal. The Icybreeze is one of these products, which takes the category of a regular cooler to new heights. The cooler not only will keep your drinks nice and chilled, but it also doubles as a portable air conditioner, so you can stay cool in more ways.

The patent-pending Icybreeze works by using 2 quarts of water and when it’s turned on, the chilled water starts circulating through a radiator. Then its built-in rechargeable battery powers its three-speed fan that will drawn in air via the radiator and chill it. The ice cold air is then blown out of the vent or its “Stay Put” flexi-hose up to 35 degrees colder than the air outside. And while you’re cooling off, the 38-quart cooler has more than enough room to chill all your food and beverages.


When you’re not using the air conditioning function on the Icybreeze, ice will last up to 7 whole days, making it great for any camping or hiking trips, as well as any day trips to the beach. Thanks to its large wheels, dual lift handles and integrated pull hand, the cooler makes for easy maneuverability. There’s even two cup holders and integrated stops on the cooler’s lid. There are different Iceybreeze packages that range from $279 to $340.

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