Hulu Plus vs VUDU (comparison)

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Updated June 27, 2022

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The best shows on Hulu are good, but how does it compare? With so many video streaming services out there, it can be hard to make up your mind as to which one you want to invest your money into. TV show fans will probably opt for Hulu Plus, while movie lovers will lean toward VUDU’s on-demand service that provides all the new hits on a pay-per-view basis. Here’s a quick rundown on their benefits.


VUDU isn’t a subscription service and acts mostly like an on-demand carrier. You pay for what you watch, while Hulu Plus is an ad-supported subscription service that offers more content over its free version, specializing more on TV shows rather than movies.

User Friendly

Hulu Plus can be accessed via the web by logging into your account. Once you sign in, you’re granted access to its in-depth catalogue of current hit TV shows and acclaimed movies. From there, you can access your account on various other devices (see below). With VUDU, you stream directly to your compatible device via the Internet. The account is free and you only pay for whatever movies you watch since it’s an on-demand service.

Winner: Tie

Compatible Devices

Of course, you can use your computer, with both PC and Mac being compatible, but Hulu Plus does offer a variety of other devices where you can stream its content on. Such devices include: Roku, iOS devices, Android phones/tablets, Xbox 360, PS3, Samsung TVs/Blu-ray players, Sony TVs/Blu-ray players, Amazon Kindle Fire, Nintendo 3DS TiVo Premiere, LG TVs/Blu-ray players, Panasonic TVs/Blu-ray players, computers, VIZIO TVs/Blu-ray players, and WD TV Media Players. Users can soon use it on their Wii gaming console and viewers can migrate their viewing experience across several devices.

VUDU will work with a number of devices, including computers (PS and MAC) and even Apple’s iPad, PS3, Xbox 360 (it requires an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership, though), as well as numerous Internet-connected Blu-ray players and HDTVs.

Winner: VUDU since its available on virtually every Internet-connected Blu-ray players and HDTV


Hulu Plus doesn’t disclosure how many titles they have, but their site does indicate that the service has “thousands of critically-acclaimed and award-winning movies, many featuring no commercial interruption.” Not much to go on, but other third-party sites estimate Hulu Plus as having about 43,000 TV episodes from more than 1,650 current and classic television shows, give or take. They also suggest that it has more than 2,500 films, including some exclusives from the Criterion Collection. VUDU has more than 20,000 titles with more being added all the time. There’s even titles that hit the site the same day they’re available on DVD. Most of its titles are in HD, too.

Winner: VUDU has more movie titles

Membership Perks

TV lovers will enjoy Hulu Plus since it offers them the chance to watch many of their favorite TV shows, with the most recent seasons being carried by the streaming movie service provider. New episodes are generally uploaded the day after it airs on TV, so fans don’t have to wait months to watch it. VUDU has a $5 instant credit for new members and has HDX quality movies, which enhances your watching experience as if you were in the movie theater. It also streams in 1080p True Digital video and has rich Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound.

Winner: Hulu Plus is great for die-hard TV fans


Since Hulu Plus streams current episodes of TV shows from channels and networks like NBC Universal, Fox, The Biography Channel, MTV Networks, National Geographic Channel, The Walt Disney Company and Public Broadcasting Service, their content deals isn’t too shabby. They also have an exclusive one with the Criterion Collection. VUDU has content deals with ith all major movie studios, as well as more than 50 smaller and indie studios.

Winner: VUDU has all the movie deals

Speed of Service

Hulu Plus requires users to have certain requirements for streaming videos on their computer, including Adobe Flash Player or above; Internet Explorer 7.0 or above, Firefox 2.0 or above, Safari 3.0 or above, or Chrome; Microsoft XP SP2 or above, JavaScript and Cookies enabled, and Macintosh OS X 10.4 or above. But speed of service really depends on your Internet connection where you’re connected. VUDU’s minimum speed requirements for its services is: 480p: 1 Mbps for SD; 720p: 2.25 Mbs for HD; and 1080p: 4.5 Mbps for HDX.

Winner: Tie


Videos on Hulu Plus stream in HD when available, with most shows showing in high-definition 720p resolution. VUDU users can enjoy movies in HDX, which is high-definition 1080p, plus rich Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound and many HD titles.

Winner: VUDU streams in 1080p


Despite having to pay for Hulu Plus, it still has paid for ads like its free version, which they say is why they can offer their service for so cheap. A huge bummer for those who hate ads. VUDU offers titles on a per-movie basis, so there’s no monthly fee and if you buy a lot of videos, your bill can be quite hefty.

Winner: Tie ’cause ads suck and having to pay per movie blows


For Hulu Plus, you’ll dish out $7.99/month, with the ability to cancel anytime you want. No monthly contracts or subscriptions are needed with VUDU. The account is free, but movie prices vary. Some titles cost $2 to rent for two nights, others are about $5, with HDX options the most expensive ones. For SD, movies are $3.99 and HD titles go for $4.99. And if you like the movie a lot, you can opt to buy it, but this price various.

Winner: In the long run, Hulu Plus will come out cheaper

Overall Winner

HULU Plus VS Vudu 1

Despite being an on-demand streaming service, it seems that VUDU has more benefits that Hulu Plus. It offer a vast variety of movie titles and you only pay for what you want to watch and what quality you want to watch it in. But be careful because you might go movie crazy and end up racking in quite an extensive movie bill!

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