Herman Miller Sayl Chair Review Roundup

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Updated December 7, 2022
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The Sayl is a sprite of an office chair, an accessory that runs anywhere from $400 to $900 depending on where you find it. It’s designed to be as lightweight and affordable as possible, but with just the right ergonomics for your back and, of course, a classy Herman Miller design. If comfort is especially important to you, take a look at the Smugdesk 5579 ergonomic office chair instead. Check out our best reclining office chair list for other options. Or, if you want the ultimate in a reclining chair, take a look at the Elysium, the $25,000 office chair that makes you feel weightless.

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The biggest feature of the Sayl – after its minimalistic construction – is the flexible webbing on the back, which tries to offer both comfort and support (users found that, in general, it succeeded at that). However, this comes at the cost of not much customization – you can’t do much with the armrests or spine support, so controls are limited. It all depends if you like that approach or not. If you prefer a regular swivel chair, take a look at the Ergohuman high-back swivel chair review. Or, if you want a chair with massage capabilities, then read our Home Office chair massage desk chair.

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  • Eco-friendly, minimalistic design
  • Strong back support


  • Hardly any customization
  • Not really designed for larger people
Sayl Chair Wide
The Sayl fits well in a modern office.

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From Smart Furniture

Smart Furniture appreciated how lightweight the Sayl was, and reviewers liked that the design philosophy focused on making it eco-friendly and easy to put together. However, this does seem to come at some expense of comfort compared to the most elite Herman Miller chairs.

“While the Sayl Chair isn’t the most comfortable product in the Herman Miller stable, it’s among the top 20 percent, and that’s saying something. It’s hard to believe a chair with such a small back and such a slight profile could be as comfortable as it is, but sitting is believing. The back has plenty of give and support, and the seat padding is thin but comfy. The arms of the chair are small as well, but placed correctly and with plenty of give and softness themselves.

The suspension bridge technology in the back of the chair means weight is distributed and the burden of support is therefore shared. You can twist and move in your seat without worrying about losing support or comfort. All in all, a remarkable achievement from a chair that uses so little material.”

From Amazon Users

Amazon users were filled with compliments for the Sayl, which they claimed helped solve their back problems handily while still being easy to assemble. The top criticism of the chair was the armrests quickly wore out due to poor decisions, so that’s something to keep an eye on. Or, you could compare the Sayl with our Knoll ReGeneration Ergonomic Chair review to determine what’s best.

“I’m incredibly pleased with this chair. I had looked at the feedback from other reviewers that raised concerns about he lack of lumbar support and adjustable arm rests that are on the more expensive model and gave it careful consideration. I was able to find a Herman Miller showroom and went to try them both out. After having done so, I could justify the added expense for something that truly wasn’t critical. I’m in this chair 5-6 hours a day and after a month of use have found it to be everything that I was originally looking for. It’s comfortable, it’s very sturdy and does the job I need. Also, it was very easy to assemble. Very happy with this purchase.”

From Treehugger

As you might expect, Treehugger focused on the affordability and eco-friendly nature of the Sayl, which is due to its space-friendly construction that uses as few materials as possible while still providing an ergonomic shape.

“The SAYL doesn’t have all the controls of an Aeron. Its appearance takes a bit of getting used to, but it grows on you.

But the real wonder of it is that they deliver an American-made chair built to Cradle to Cradle Silver standards that starts at $ 399. It is more than a chair; it is a different approach to design that Charles Eames used to practice, delivering “The Best for the Most for the Least.” It demonstrates that you don’t have to make something out of crap in China to be competitive, you just have to design it better.”

Bottom Line

The Sayl is a great choice for a modern office and a sensitive spine, but try to sit in one first, because not much tweaking is allowed here.

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