GE Universal Remote Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re tired of looking for different remote controls, it may be worth just getting one remote control which can work with different devices. The GE Universal Remote control is easily programmable and comes pre-programmed for most of the popular brands. This remote is easy to use and versatile and made our best universal remote list. You can’t miss this in your best tv accessories list.

Why We Like It – GE Universal Remote

This universal remote control is simple and reliable. It comes at an affordable price and can work with most audio and video components like streaming media players, TVs, and DVD players.

  • Affordable price
  • Simple to use
  • Compatible most major brands
  • Incompatible with Amazon Fire TV, Roku streaming stick.
  • Limited to four devices at a time
  • No built-in display


The GE Universal Remote lacks many of the features of newer universal remotes, such as Wi-Fi connectivity and a digital display. That said, its simplicity is its strength. It comes with a code library that includes many major brands, and can also be programmed through a computer. This remote can work on up to four devices including TVs, DVD players, and a cable box. If you’re looking for something more advanced, the Logitech Harmony Ultimate One is a great alternative. What if you do not have a Smart Tv but you still want to stream movies services? Get a gadget that you attach to your Tv and stream your favorite shows. More about this in our Favi smartstick review.


The design of the GE Universal Remote is very traditional. It has the classic rectangular shape and all the buttons are where they’re expected to be. Anyone can pick up this remote control and use it without any issues. By keeping the classic remote design, this universal remote is durable and should last for ages. It also comes in a range of colors including black, grey, and This class remote is the complete opposite of the modern Logitech Harmony Hub.


There’s no doubt that the GE Universal Remote offers excellent value for money. It’s cheaper than most other remotes, yet still works with most audio and visual equipment from TVs to home theatres, and cable satellite. It comes pre-programmed for most popular brands and can be easily programmed for most others. At less than $10 dollars, this remote is extremely affordable and you won’t stress if it gets lost like some of the others. If you need a remote to work with smart devices like Alexa, the Logitech Harmony All in One would be a better alternative.

GE Universal Remote Wrap Up

The GE Universal Remote is an affordable way to replace your other remote controls. It’s simple to use and works with an extensive list of equipment. Some of its drawbacks are that it doesn’t work with some smart devices and with Apple TVs. However, because it’s cheap, durable, and gets the job done, it’s worth getting. You can compare it with the gadget in our Logitech harmony 650 review.

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