Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Racing Style Office Chair Review

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Updated September 19, 2022

The Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair is a budget-focused computer gaming chair with a reasonable price tag, a great color selection (red, white, black, and blue models are offered with various accent colors), and a surprisingly ergonomic design compared to other gaming chairs thanks to neck and back pillows. It’s arguably the best massaging gaming chair in the budget sector, though the competition isn’t especially fierce there either (unlike with the best office chair where competition is fierce).

Why We Like It – Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Racing Style Office Chair

The Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Racing Style Office Chair is an ergonomic gaming chair with a heavy-duty design made of good quality material, a high back with a headrest pillow, a lumbar pillow, a comfortable seat cushion, and an attractive price point.

  • Good design
  • Great ergonomics for a budget gamer chair
  • Retractable footrest
  • Vibration feature is mostly a gimmick, as it fails to provide any additional comfort


With several cushions, great adjustability, and a curved design, the support on the Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair is pretty solid. It’s very similar to other gaming chairs of its caliber like the pricier RESPAWN Gaming Chair or similarly-priced Dowinx Gaming PC/Office Chair. Its short armrests are a bit of a letdown in the support department, but it’s overall very standard for its class, in a good way.

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The Ficmax Massage Chair is comfortable for the exact same reasons it offers good support, though there’s a caveat; it has several cushions and very great adjustability. The caveat comes in the form of the placement of the neck cushion; taller people will find the neck cushion a detriment, as the chair was designed with short people in mind, meaning if you’re too tall the neck pillow will hit your shoulders instead of your neck. It’s probably not worth buying for the massage feature; it adds very little to the product overall, despite being one of the manufacturer’s main selling points. In that case, you might be interested in the Furmax gaming chair instead.

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Adjustability is great on the Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair. Nearly every aspect of the chair can be adjusted; it tilts back up to 180°, it has a decent range of height adjustment, and it has a footrest that swings out when needed. It’s very well-suited for kicking back, relaxing, and starting a long gaming session, particularly with its flexibility. It works as a standard, if flashy, office chair when needed, and it reclines as far back as you want it to go for when you just want to veg out and game. The only real thing it’s lacking is adjustability on its pillows, considering the discomfort the neck pillow causes for anyone whose neck doesn’t align with it.


With a pleather design and no mesh to speak of, breathability is mediocre on the Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair. The back pillows in theory provide some distance between your back and the chair, but that’s no substitute for mesh, and the back doesn’t allow for airflow anyways since it’s a solid material.


At $249.99, the value isn’t necessarily the Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair’s strongest point. It undercuts premium chairs like a DXRacer, and it undercuts pricier semi-premium chairs like the RESPAWN Gaming Chair, but it offers a similar set of features and a similar design to the PC Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair, which retails for over $100 less. It is better built than the aforementioned offering, but $100 is a steep difference.

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Racing Style Office Chair Wrap Up

The Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair is a solid budget gaming chair overall. It’s not perfect; its neck pillow not working well for tall people is a glaring design flaw, and its price could stand to be a bit lower. With that said though, it’s worth its asking price. It’s rare for gaming chairs to justify their price premium over office chairs, but Ficmax offers a reasonably compelling product for the right buyer here. If its design appeals to you and you want a chair that just lets you lean back and game, the Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair should last you a long time.

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